How to Install Custom ROM in Android
How to Install Custom ROM in Android

Flashing Custom ROMs in Android Device: Being able to install and flash custom ROMS  is one of the biggest reason that today so many people are rooting their Android Smartphones. Why stick to the old and monotonous interface of the device, when you can get much more interactive looks as well as much more great tweaks with custom ROMs. You can flash custom ROMs and just sit back and enjoy the interface on your Android Smartphone.

Android is great, but sometimes, the version you get with your phone—whether its vanilla Android or something like Samsung’s TouchWiz—leaves a bit to be desired. Here’s how to install a new version of Android (or ROM) on your device for an even better Android experience. Rooting your device grants you the power of your device. Power to manipulate its Performance and other features.

If you want to know more about rooting and Installing custom ROMS you can check this post : [Guide] From Rooting to Installing Custom ROM. Before reading this Make sure you have ClockworkMOD/TWRP or any other Recovery installed in your device. If you have a Mediatek Device you can make your own CWM & install in just 5mins by this method : CWM for Mediatek


Make sure the Custom Rom you are flashing is meant for your device or else it can cause boot loopsand soft brick . I’m not responsible for anything that happensto your device while flashing roms.

Prerequisite before installing Custom ROM :

  1. Download the suitable custom ROM for your device.
  2. Put the custom rom zip file in your sd card.
  3. Go To CWM Recovery/TWRP or any other recovery: Switch off the Phone Press and hold ” Volume Up + Power+ Home (Button combinations differs from device to device)” Buttons and Select Recovery Mode by Volume Up . Select Recovery Mode by Volume Down
  4. Backup: Before installing any rom please make a  Nandroid backup of  your current rom
    For that go to Backup and restore in recovery then click on Backup.  So that you if you mess things up then you can easily get back your phone to its previous working state and prevent it from soft brick .
  5. Now the Crucial Part Begins (i.e. Installing a custom rom)

How to Install Custom ROM through CWM & other recoveries:

Installing Custom ROM from CWM recovery
Installing Custom ROM from CWM recovery

Step 1: Wipe data factory reset –> Yes–delete all user data

Step 2: Wipe Cache Partion -> Yes-Wipe Cache

Step 3: Advanced -> Wipe Dalvik Cache -> Yes- wipe dalvik cache

Step 4: mounts and storage –> Format /System /data /cache.

Step 5: Install zip from sd –> – choose zip fromsdcard –> – Select Zip

Step 6: Reboot System now

Step 7: Wait for 5-10 min to bootup for the first time.

Now you are all set! You’ll have a new ROM with tons of settings to play with, the Play Store to download new apps, and—if you made a backup with Titanium—you can now head into Titanium Backup and restore all your apps and their settings. Enjoy!

How to Install Custom ROM through TWRP Recovery:

Installing Custom ROM from TWRP Recovery
Installing Custom ROM from TWRP Recovery

Step 1: Backup is needed or else Goto Wipe & Select System, Data, Cache & Dalvik cache.

Step 2: Swipe right to confirm wipe & wait for the wiping process to complete.

Step 3: Now goto Install & locate the downloaded ROM file. Select the file & swipe to confirm.

Step 4: Wait for the process to complete. It might take time depending on the device & recovery (Official/unofficial).

Step 5: Now reboot your device.


1. The Wipe data and cache doesn’t wipe Contacts?

-> It does wipe everything but your contacts/pictures are synced in your Google Account so they’ll be restored back. Any game progress *might* (don’t quote me) be saved on your SD Card so you might not have a problem. It doesn’t wipe your SD card, just the phone’s data.

2. How to Backup Apps & data?

-> You can use Titanium Backup to Backup system apps and data.

  • Ravi

    Is there any inbuilt Google Apps (GApps) in Karbonn ROMs??? or should I download externally from any site? and what version to download as my device is MT6572 based..

  • Satyaki basu

    Can anyone provide a link to download the suitable Gapps for this rom please?

  • Tanzil

    My tab says: Signature verification fail. Installation aborted. Now what can I do? Please please help.

  • Manoj

    Does this rom have inbuilt gapps?
    Waitin for a reply

    • gyanesh

      no u have to download the g apps package file

  • Rabin

    root access in disabled on my nexus 6P how can i enable it

  • Rahi

    Hello, Am trying to find some way but lost. Please help
    I have karbonn S9. I want to install Lollipop. Presently it has Android 4.2.2. I have already rooted my mobile long back. Following is done.
    1) Downloaded and Installed Rom Manager from Play Store
    2) Since my phone is already rooted, I have SU permission and I think I have CWM also.
    3) When i open Rom Manager, it ask me for CWM. I said download and install but Rom Manager said my phone is not listed and therefore cannot download new CWM. It therefore, used already installed CWM.
    4) I tried to backup system. I started Rom Managr – Backup current Rom. Phone started in Recovery Mode. I selected Backup User Data. Backup started, phone asked to reboot. When I tried to find backup, can’t find back up :'(
    5) My CWM recovery looks old something ver 3….. Current version I saw is 6……. There are differences in the pics of recovery mode shown here and my phone recovery mode.
    6) Presently downloading “Android L for Titanium S9 –”. Also downloading Lollipop
    6) Now I want is:
    a) Update CWM recovery
    b) Backup my current ROM
    c) Update my phone to Lollipop version.
    d) In case of any problem while updating, how to use my current rom to install ver 4.2.2. again.

    Please guide me the steps.


    • Devs-Lab Staff

      Hey Rahi,
      As Karbonn is not a big brand, there’s no Official CMM available for S9. But don’t worry! You can Install CWM in Titanium S9 by this method CWM. To Install Custom ROMs, you can follow this method How to install Custom ROMs

  • mohsin

    1st romandroidl says device error

  • siddhesh kadam

    Ajinkya sir,
    i have faced a problem flashing your android L ROM for karbonn titanium S9.When i enter into the recovery mode in my mobile i dont get a option called “ADVANCE”

  • Howto Craz

    can i install cynogenmod for karbonn a50?

  • Akhilrajan V

    Installed the L custom rm for my karbonn A25 intallation was fine but im stuck in the boot fo a long time
    Plz help me.

  • Sahil Tanwar

    Can i install ios 7 rom in micromax doodel 3 & this is a mediatek device

  • Yogesh Dighe

    HI Ajinkya.

    How can i revert my original OS of my Titanium S1.???
    please reply me.
    Give me original ROM or Backup file.


    My phone stopped on boot screen plz help

  • Xperia Z v2 custom ROM stops on boot screen.

  • karan Jaiswal

    Hey bro Ajinkya is any custom rom for karbonn a18+ pls give a reply ASAP.

  • Harmit patel

    Hy ajinkya tell how to do step no.3to5
    How to do dalvik cache & install rom from zip please response as soon as possible

  • Rahul Raltson

    hey bro #ajinkya there is any custom rom for karbonn a14
    plzzz reply as fast as u can

  • Anonymous

    can i put android L rom for titanium s1

  • Anonymous

    Where is the advancend option in CWMrecovery bro….?????

  • Anonymous

    i want to flash kitkat or any galaxian rom on my karbonn a16. is there any custom rom for karbonn a16???

  • Mitesh patel


  • Mitesh patel

    Any coustom rom for karbonn s2 plzz help me give link for download

  • Mitesh patel

    Plzz gve me karbonn s2 coustom rom fast

  • Anonymous

    bro can i install my downloaded stock rom using cwm recovery in titanium s5+???waiting for a reply

    • Hey, CWM allows to install unofficial firmwares but the stock rom is factory firmware which is in different format but don't worry i'll post a CWM flashable stock rom. As many users are finding it difficult to install Stock recovery.

  • Anonymous

    hey bro im not able to make backup in cwm recovery in my titanium s5+ …it shows ''cant mount system'' now what to do :[

    • Hey, i think you have done something wrong while installing the CWM recovery which means cwm is not compatible with S5+ stock rom. But its working well on other device. Try installing cwm recovery again.

  • vijay a

    nothing was coming in this way but holding volume down + power button some other menu is coming but there isn't any option for installing zip from sd please tell me how can i do this

  • Mohd Asip

    can i install ios 7 rom in xperia tipo dual sim (f)

    • Sorry mohd its for Mediatek phones. But you can ask your Tipo developers on xda to port this rom to your device. Good day !

  • Abhishek yadav

    hey dude where to get ios7 rom for micromax a116 canvas HD

  • Anonymous

    he ajinkya … how to flash cwm recovery image in karbon a30

  • Hi Ajinkya!
    I flashed the xperia z rom on karbonn titanium s5 plus via CWM.Now my phone does not boot and it gets stuck on the xperia z screen forever…….
    What should I do ?????
    Plz help me as soon as possible!!!!!

    • The Xperia Z Custom rom is working fine in all S5+ Devices. Try formating System , cache & factory reset then flash the rom. Hope this helps .

  • Anonymous

    How to find which is the exceptional rom to do format system and how to instal custom rom on another custom rom on karbonn

  • Anonymous

    hey is there a problem with the sound driver?? internal speaker and headphones work fine but the external speaker has nothing going on. so no ring, no alarm, no music. pls help sir.

    my mobile model karbonn a12+

    • I think this is hadware issue. Since all the sound hadware like headphone is working there is no chance os sound driver problem. Get it checked at your nearby mobile store.

  • Anonymous

    sir installation is sucess sir but sound not working sir pls help

    my mobile model karbonn a12+

  • installation aborted problm sir..! plzz help

    • What's the error code? Eg : Status 7 errorcode.
      Actuallty this is the problem of the ROM you are installing.

  • Anonymous

    If i want to restore my stock rom it is necessary to do step 4

    • No. Just do a factory reset and flash/ Restore your stock rom. Step 4 is for some exceptional ROMS.

  • Anonymous

    why skip step for 4

    • It is not required for most of the custom roms so don't do 'Step 4' if not needed.