How to downgrade Asus Zenfone 2 Laser
How to downgrade Asus Zenfone 2 Laser

Asus released new OTA update on 24th Feb2016 i.e Version V1.17.40.1106. But it has many issues like mic-issue, frequent lagging issues and most important Asus revoked third party theme support in this latest update which freaked most of the Asus users. So Now As we All know there is no any downgrade version available for Asus Zenfone 2 Laser(ZE550KL). Lets begin with Downgrading Asus Zenfone 2 laser.

Well, manufacturers don’t support downgrading to old software version even though the current version is buggy. But there’s no other way to fix this new issues except Downgrading firmware version. This guide was used to downgrade 3 Zenfone 2 Laser devices to make sure it works perfectly & can be implemented easily.

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If any thing goes wrong and you just end up with a bricked or semi-bricked device then neither our site or any of these app developers will be responsible. So, try these instructions on your own risk.

Note: I downgraded my Zenfone 2 laser by following this method without any data lost. But for safety reasons, I would advice you to take backup of your important data.

Prerequisite for Downgrading Asus Zenfone 2 Laser (ZE550KL) Firmware:

  • Additionally, you must have a windows PC.
  • Install USB drivers for your Asus Zenfone 2 Laser ZE550KL.
  • Enable USB Debugging in Asus Zenfone 2 Laser: Go to Settings -> About and tap multiple times continuously on “Build number” to active “Developer options” and then Go to Settings -> Developer options and enable “USB debugging” option.


  1. ADB Fastboot Tool.rar
  2. ADB & Fastboot Driver (Easy Installtion)
  3. Asus Android USB Driver
  4. Stockboot.img
  5. Firmware Version Which You want To Install

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How to downgrade Asus Zenfone 2 Laser (ZE550KL):

Step 1: Download the above files & Move file to root directory of your SD card

Step 2: Extract ‘ADB Fastboot Tool.rar’.

Select Extract To ADB Fastboot Tool
Select Extract To ADB Fastboot Tool

Step 3: Move Stockboot.img into extracted ‘ADB Fastboot Tool.rar’ folder.

Move Boot img file to ADB Folder - downgrade Asus Zenfone 2
Move Boot img file to ADB Folder


Step 4: Now in ADB Fastboot folder open command windows by Pressing Shift+Right click –>Open command window here. You can refer the below image.


Select Open-Command-Window-Here
Select Open-Command-Window-Here

Step 5: Now Enter the Following command in Command Window.  (Click Ok if Prompt on Your Device after entering the below command)

adb devices

If you found your device in list if you have properly installed USB driver and you are good to go!

Step 6: Now to boot your device into fastboot mode (To flash/install old firmware). Enter the below command.

adb reboot bootloader

Step 7: Now its time to flash stock boot.img file. Enter the below command. By Flashing this boot.img File Your Device Will Automatically Reboot into Asus Stock Recovery Version WW1.16.40.763. If you got Error Something Saying To Unlock Your Device!! Just Click Here and Follow First Two Steps Of That Post. And Try Again Using This Command.

fastboot boot Stockboot.img

Step 8: Now in Recovery Select “Apply Update From SD Card”. Locate the file And flash it.

Step 9: The process might take 4-5 mins. After successfully installation, reboot your device and check Settings > About Phone > Software information. You have successfully downgraded your Asus Zenfone 2 laser without rooting.

Now as you have downgraded to previous version, its time to enjoy third party themes. You can checkout list of all third party theme for Zenfone models. If you need any help, you can comment below. Peace!

  • Jeet

    It shows only verifying update packege only verifying what should i do plz help

    • Joseph Tuazon

      same situation . help

  • Jeet

    It shows only verifying update packege only and stucked last 30 min what should i do?

  • Raj

    I have a Asus laser ze550kl 2 gb variant. I m currently on mm firmware ending with 1708. I have the latest firmware downloaded on SD card which is 1877. I can’t install the latest update due to failed installation can’t mount asdf error. Do I need to downgrade to lollipop and try and update firmware 1877??? Or is there another way without downgrading to lollipop?


    Hi Patel i have a window 8 lappie whih got free upgrade to win do iactivate adb drivers for either downgrading from lMM to lollipop for my zenphone laser 2 550 KL or using debugging to partition the sd card as internal zen 2 lase 550 kl updated to MM and since then cant use sd card as internal space.

  • abinash

    do we need to download same firmwarev1.16.40.763 which is in stockboot.img or we can use any other version of firmware

    • Vijay patel

      you have to use that firmware which u want to be installed.!! in My case it is 1.16.

  • yogan

    All done, asus in search of incredible logo… loading continuesly… phone loading stillmnow, what can i do

  • Michael Holt

    Does anyone know of a link to find the stock boot image for zenfone 2 laser? I have tried a couple but when I try to flash the stockboot.img, in the recovery, it still shows that it is using the Android 6.0.1 boot image. Any way around this, or is it because Android M won’t allow it?

  • Jisshan

    i shuld done everything.after flash my phon is now Restarsing.what can i do now ?

  • Haris Ishak

    change the step 7 command to ” fastboot flash recovery StockBoot.img” even your is locked..i try mine…works….!!!!!

    • Vijay patel

      i not flashed boot.img i just used it for installation purpose. so i used boot not flash.!! tx for your suggestion..!!

  • Melvin

    Will it void the warranty by using this method?

    • Vijay patel

      if You unlock Bootloader Your Device Warrenty Will Gone..

  • jenny festa

    which version of firmware will i download

    • Vijay patel

      Which Version You Want to use..???

      Download that Version From Official Asus Website And Install it Using Above Method.

  • Aman Raturi

    Can u post a guide to downgrade from marshmallow to lollipop(1.11 or 1.13)…
    IF you could share stock recovery for 1.11 firmware that’d be also enough for me..
    Thanks in advance appreciate your work man !!

    • Vijay patel

      Method For Downgrading is Same For all version. Go Through This Guide. Enjoy 😀

  • Amol Patil

    I am using zenfone laser ZE550KL on android m version 1.17 and i am trying to unlock my bootloader using apk file but it end up with error and unfortunately stopped message so how can i unlock my bootloader please help me.

    • Vijay patel

      Plz Re Download App And try Again. Because I Personally Used that tool in Version 1.17. its Working Fine. 😀

  • aldio abrian

    thanks for the tutorial bro!!

    • Vijay patel

      Your Welcome.

  • Jeji George

    Is this method unlock bootloader ?, If Yes how can we re lock bootloader ?

    • Vijay patel

      in step 7. If you got Error Something Saying To Unlock Your Device!! Then you have To unlock Bootloader.!! And There is No Way to Relock bootlodear..!!

      • Jeji George

        How can I check Bootloader unlocked ?

        • Vijay patel

          in fastboot mode.. use This Command

          fastboot OEM device-info

          This Will Show You status Of Bootloader

  • saeful

    Asus Zenfone 2 laser I’ve been at the root, so there’s no asus update. he must use adb sideload

    • Vijay patel

      if You want to upgrade/downgrade Your Device Just Download firmware Version Zip From Asus Website And Put it into Sd Card. you Got Notification On your device that System Update File Found. Just Click On that And Install It.. Done

  • AJ

    Hi do you have files for laser 5.0 ZE500KL ? I want to downgrade it too. Android MM sucks, made my phone laggy. Thanks

    • Vijay patel

      No Need Any Special Tools.. Just Read It..!!


      – SD CARD
      – a PC (windows/linux)
      – firmware version Download Here

      The procedure:

      1. Download the firmware on your PC
      2. Rename it to MOFD_SDUPDATE, enable the view extension of the files option and check that the file has only .zip, is not accepted and the procedure will fail. (you should have
      3. Copy the on the sd card
      4. Shut down your phone and insert the sd card
      5. To boot in recovery mode you need to:

      a. Hold the power button and volume down key all together
      b. When the first Asus logo appears, release the keys.

      6. Go to update from sd card and located the
      7. Then flash

      Now the system will boot as usual but the settings and your files will remain intact.
      Go to About and check the software version, it should be now

      Come back if you succeed.

      I’ve noticed that the update comes if you go to system update, so be careful.

      • jenny

        what if I didn’t rename MOFD

        • Vijay patel

          Nothing. its Not Necessary to Change Name. but Its Just For Our Guide Purpose. 😀

        • Ozhan Hastaoglu

          Computer change name, and copy phone. Phone not change name.

  • Aditya Soni

    Our ze550kl will be rooted write if we flash boot.img..

    • Vijay patel

      No.. it will just Change Your Recovery Version.!! if You Only Flash Boot.img

  • peter

    i rooted my phone then i decided to go back to stock recovery then when i go to apply sdcard update it say that invalid arguent and my sdcard not detect anyone help me pls

    • Vijay patel

      Plz Double Check Stock Recovery You Installed is For Your Device or By Mistake Installed Wrong Recovery..!! try Flashing Recovery Again..!!

  • thanveer

    Why we need a boot img. I saw tutorials without that

    • Vijay patel

      The boot.img Stands For Kernel..!! We Can Not apply update To v.1.16 on Kernel V.1.17 so.. need to Kernel v.1.16 first.. Thats why we Maintain To Flash Boot.img

  • Aditya Soni

    it will work or not ?? i think it should requiure to clear the cache …. should i clear the cache or not?

    • Vijay patel

      Yes.. This Method Is Working Fine.. You Can Try It..!! And For Your Kind Info Clear Cache is Not Mandatory in this Method.. you Can Skip Clear Cache Step.. it Not Required..!!

  • Naveen

    Hi I rooted my ZenFone 2 laser ze550kl couple of weeks ago . I tried to unlock bootloader using unlocking app but it ends with an error saying try again .I unrooted it and tried but no result .I am here to ask u the method and link for flashing original firmware for ze550kl or any other method for unlocking bootloader

    • Vijay patel

      You Can Follow This Method For Unlocking Bootloader, Rooting & Installing Recovery.!! Click Here