When HMD announced that Nokia would return as a player in the mobile game, this time with android, a lot of people speculated that it might be a little too late for the company to make a comeback. But when Nokia revealed its much awaited flagship of the year– Nokia 8, the message sent was clear- it’s never too late. Even before talks about the making of Nokia 8 came into light, it was rumored that after Nokia 5 and Nokia 6, Nokia’s premium android handset would be Nokia 9. Reports and leaks about the same even started to appear on the internet, as the speculated un-named device paid visit to various benchmark websites. When one of Nokia’s under-production phone cleared its FCC certification, we thought that soon we might have a biggie from the company. But then all of sudden, Nokia 8 took the internet by storm and to be honest, we were not at all upset.

The features that Nokia 8 has onboard (Zeiss powered dual cameras, Hollywood style video and audio recording, upto date Android updates), along with the name that the brand carries, Nokia 8 is definitely going to give its competitors a run for their money. But all this hasn’t really dusted the fact that we still might get a Nokia 9.

Nokia 9 was rumoured to be in works, maybe it still is, or maybe Nokia has just put the project temporarily on a standstill so that its younger sibling could gather all the attention for a while. But all of this does not deny the fact that it was actually rumored to be in making. And now, some new reports do claim that HMD might actually be onto a device that would feature a bigger display than Nokia 8. Russian site 4Pda claims that HMD reps have hinted at an upcoming Nokia Android smartphone in works that will have bigger screen size than Nokia 8 (5.5” or 5.7”). Here is what the translated version has to say,

Well, as a cherry on the cake representatives of HMD Global made a hint that in the future we are waiting for another smartphone – with a larger screen than in Nokia 8, to meet the needs of absolutely all users.

The rumoured handset could be a significant upgrade over Nokia 8, not only in terms of display size, but other specifications also. Is it possible that we might get our Nokia 9 finally?