The Lumia Camera (formerly known as Nokia Camera) is a pro-level Windows Phone camera application that is once exclusively available for Nokia and Microsoft devices. It is known for its fully manual camera controls and slider settings. After Nokia sold its mobile division to Microsoft, Microsoft became the owner of some of the mobile technologies Nokia had developed before.

The launch of three Nokia smartphones during the MWC Barcelona last February marks the return of the Finnish brand in the mobile phone business in the name of HMD. While the phones are praise for it’s pure Android experience, others are just quite disappointed with its new Camera UI. The camera quality has been one of Nokia’s strength for all it’s existence since the rise of modern portable devices.

If you are one of those people who hated the current camera UI, then this is a good news for you. HMD has recently got the trademark for the Lumia Camera UI. This means that HMD will be able to use the well-loved camera interface of the Lumia Camera in all of its future and existing Android devices. The camera UI is currently the default camera UI for all of the Windows 10 Mobile devices.
Microsoft licensed Nokia IPR and technology to use its product but HMD Global is the rightful owner of this trademark as per the agreement between HMD, Microsoft, Foxconn and Nokia. The transfer of trademark ownership from Microsoft Mobile Oy to HMD Global Oy happened last July 26, 2017.

We are extremely excited to see the familiar interface ported to one of the world’s most popular operating system. This ownership transfer is just the beginning for HMD. Who knows, PureView might be the next.