Let’s take a little trip down the memory lane today. Does anyone remember their first impression of the Nokia N90? If I come to think about it, the first thing that comes to my mind is the camcorder like shape it could turn into. The only thing which didn’t really make that device a real camcorder and helped it to maintain that thin line of difference was the phone buttons grafted on it’s body. And then there was this another thing which made the handset special- the Carl Zeiss Optics. And boy, we all know how things changed for Nokia post N90, as it became known for it’s impressive cameras in N series and Lumia line of phones. And soon, Nokia is expected to reclaim that glory and give the other manufacturers a run for their money, as it has again teamed up with it’s favourite buddy- Carl Zeiss.

HMD Global, the Finnish company that has the rights to produce the Nokia phones, has rekindled the iconic phone maker’s partnership with Zeiss camera lenses today. The German optics firm hasn’t worked with Nokia in the latest bunch of mid-range handsets that has been released by it’s new parent company HMD Global. But Nokia is believed to be working on a flagship (Nokia 8 perhaps) that’s set for release soon , and it would be good to see the two work together to build a device that would house premium camera components.

HMD’s deal with Zeiss imaging tech won’t just be limited to lens design, but the two also plan to work together on “standard-defining imaging capabilities” ranging from software to screen quality. Zeiss lenses will feature in all Nokia smartphones in the future – though they are not in the N3, N5 and N6; Nokia’s first new Android phones, which go on sale next month.

Taking aboard Zeiss imaging firm, the attempt seems like a legit move to revive the brand that once dominated the mobile phone industry. Before selling it’s smartphone division to Microsoft, the Finnish brand along with Zeiss produced a fine and innovative 41 megapixel Nokia 808 Pureview, which raised the bar for other smartphone manufacturers, even though it couldn’t really help Nokia in the revenue market.

HMD surely got fans to talk about Nokia again by re-launching the iconic Nokia 3310, but now it seems like HMD wants to give a totally different message in the domain of premium smartphone experience, and by the looks of it, it seems like they are going to succeed with this one.