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Google has been revising its Phone app for some time. Apart from having a no-nonsense clean UI, visual voicemail function and spam warning support the standard application has plenty to offer to Pixel, Nexus and Android One device users. It seems that 9to5Google has managed to uncover a new feature that was kept hidden in the app. Although it is not certain whether the feature will appear in future iterations of the app they have put up a video clip showing it in action.

The in-call floating bubble can be activated during a call by pressing the home button. This will make a circular phone icon to appear in the upper-left corner of your home screen much like a bubble web browser app like Flynx. You can drag and drop this icon anywhere on the border of your home screen and tapping on it will reveal three functions; You can cut the call, mute your microphone and enable your loudspeaker. Holding down the bubble will take you back to the call screen.

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The feature was discovered in v.11 of the Google Phone application. Currently, it is not certain if this feature will even go live or not but with the upcoming Google Pixel 2 range launches we might see Google drum these features up.

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  • riverhorse

    Depending on phone manufacturer, this bubble I get on LG phone since Android 5…when you quickly turn screen off & back one with the power button.

  • curlyy

    I have released similar app
    called Blimps few weeks ago and made the similar functionality available
    for 6.0+, even tipped you guys …

    the app and a short video is available in the play store – Blimps

    Enjoy 🙂

    Curly Y.

    • We will mention this in our Top 10 best Apps monthly list! 😉