Google Chrome

A report from The Wall Street Journal claims that Google is working on it’s own ad-block tool to be implemented in Google Chrome. Further, the report claims that the tool could launch in both the desktop and the mobile version of the app in the coming weeks.

Google makes a lot of money from ads, thanks to Adsense. Therefore at first, this may seem like a feature that could potentially cause losses to the company. However, the report explains that Google’s ad blocking tool will not block all the ads but only the ones that Google thinks are providing a bad experience to users.

The ad-blocking feature, which could be switched on by default within Chrome, would filter out certain online ad types deemed to provide bad experiences for users as they move around the web.

However the report also explains how this move is a defensive move from Google. By introducing it’s own ad-block service, Google is aiming to reduce the use of third party blockers. Third party blockers tend to block all ads and this reduces the money that Google gets from ads. Therefore Google doesn’t wants the Adsense service to be blocked and hence this makes a lot of sense.

The report has specified as to what ads would be blocked by the Google ad-blocker. It is expected to include pop-ups, auto-playing videos with sound and ads with countdown timers.

In one possible application Google is considering, it may choose to block all advertising that appears on sites with offending ads, instead of the individual offending ads themselves.

In other words, site owners may be required to ensure all of their ads meet the standards, or could see all advertising across their sites blocked in Chrome.

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