One of the less-known features on Google+ was the ability to share your exact location with your social circles. Recently the Maps application was getting the same function, this feature is being removed from the social networking app.

With the latest update of the Google+ application, if you tap the “Locations” tap you well get a message stating to use the Google Maps app for the feature. The only problem is that the roll-out has been uneven and thus not everyone has the Location Share function available on their Android and iOS devices, yet.

With the phasing out of the function from Google Plus more and more users are starting to see the feature pop up in their Maps apps. One can check if you have received this update by opening the app, tapping on the menu on the top-left corner, under the options you would see a “Share Location” button which is highlighted by a bright blue “NEW” icon. Tapping on this option will prompt a walkthrough of how it operates and functions.

Unfortunately, if you have not received the update for the app, you have to wait until it is pushed to your device. Google has another application called Trusted Contacts that allows one to share their location with a selected group of people with a catch. Currently the app is exclusive to Android devices and one can only share your location with other users who have this app installed on their devices.

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Google Maps Location Share
Google Maps Location Share function