Google Pixel
Google Pixel

We are expecting to see the Google launch the Google Pixel 2 or whatever it may be called for this year and it will most likely be at the same time as last year. For a recap, the original Google Pixel was launched on October 4, 2016. Going by the trend, Google Pixel 2 will most likely be launched in Late September or Early October of 2017. But even before the Google’s next Pixel phone is out, the manufacturing wars between the device manufacturers to manufacturer the Google Pixel 3 have started between all the device manufacturers to design and build the Pixel 2018 from Google.

For the Google Pixel and Google Pixel 2, HTC has already obtained a two-year exclusive deal where HTC has signed a deal to manufacture the original Google Pixel and the Google Pixel 2 and then the contract will end with HTC.

This has made all the manufacturers fight for the deal from Google to manufacture the next Pixel because as we have already seen, the first Pixel from Google with all its minor deficiencies has been a huge success and is already a brand for itself now. This has obviously lured all the manufacturers to gain some success out of the phones. According to a report, HTC already shipped more than 2.1 million Pixel and Pixel XL devices since last September and Google has been facing some difficulty in maintaining its stock.

The report comes from Chinese-publication  Commercial Times which has reported that HTC, LG, TCL, and Coolpad are competing for next-gen Pixel orders. The companies are expecting the Google Pixel 3 demand to reach upto 5 million devices.

The same report from Commercial Times suggests that LG will most likely be awarded the contract to manufacture the 2018 Pixel phone from Google. As we have already reported, HTC is manufacturing the Google Pixel 2 and the devices are codenamed “Walleye” and “Muskie”.