Google Pixel 2 leaked images
Anonymously leaked images of the upcoming Google Pixel 2

We have known for some time that the smaller Google Pixel 2 which will release later this year is being developed by HTC. Today that was confirmed and more details leaked about the smartphone courtesy a leaked Federal Communications Commission (FCC) filing by HTC. As you know, all smartphones that are to release in the US have to be vetted and certified by the FCC.

Google Pixel 2 HTC FCC leak
Screenshots of the internal details of Google Pixel 2

The FCC filing as stated was filed by HTC with accompanying documentation from the company. The listing comes along with a document that reveals the FCC Label info and its location reveals a screenshot of phone’s E-label under Settings. There are several screenshots of the same showing that the device is running Android O build v.8.0.1 accompanied by the August Android security patch. This is likely to be the finalised build of Android O since the Android O Developer Preview 4.0 release is still marked v.8.0.0.

Apart from telling us about the OS, the smartphone is running, the screenshots also give us information about features of the device. One of these is “Active Edge” under the Languages, input and gestures setting. We can notice that the setting is set to just “Languages & Input” with the Google Assistant set to launch on squeezing.

From the images, it is being extrapolated that the device will likely come in a 64GB variant at the very least. The chipset at the heart of the Google Pixel 2 is likely to be the Qualcomm Snapdragon 835. This is because the device uses a 2 x2 802.11ac Wi-Fi chip with MU-MIMO capabilities that is only compatible with Snapdragon 835 and 660 series chipsets. Given that the Pixel lineup is considered flagship it is much likely to feature the latter over the former.

We had received leaks containing images of the Google Pixel 2 recently which showed us what the device would look like. Unfortunately, the handset seems to be ditching the 3.5mm audio jack but in exchange, it is sporting a forward firing stereo speaker arrangement. Overall the smartphone looks remarkably similar to its predecessor although with minor changes to set the two apart.

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