Google was quick at implementing the new USB Type-C standard on their phones. Last year’s Pixels already made use of it without any need of Qualcomm tech. This year, Google has bumped up the tech to bring even faster charging with the Pixel 2. The new flagships from Google come bundled with upgraded 18-watt Type C + PD power adapters like last year’s 18-watt adapters.

Yesterday, Google Engineer and USB Type-C expert, Benson Leung, posted some nuggets regarding the new 18 watt chargers. He said that these new phones can charge at 27 W. Last year’s Pixel topped out at 18 W and that was fast. This year, Google promises up to 7 hours of charge in just 15 minutes with the bundled-in charger. Now, if you could get your hands on a 27 W power brick that time would be easily cut short by 5 more minutes.

Leung also revealed some more info in terms of software. He said, “Also, a point about the software is that starting in Android Oreo, Pixel phones (including 2016 Pixel models and the Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL) now implements Type-C and Power Delivery support using the new Type-C Port Manager in the Linux kernel.”

It remains to be seen whether these Pixels can beat the toppers in the market like Dash Charge, and Oppo’s VOOC charging, but last year’s Pixel lagged behind by quite a bit against the OnePlus 3T.