Google Pixel 2
Google Pixel 2

Recently 9to5Google sourced some internal documentation from Google, upon reviewing the information it noted that that the successor to the Pixel might be omitting the headphone jack. This would be quite a change in tack for a company that had marketed the presence of a headphone jack on the Pixel over the its competitor Apple’s iPhone 7.

While they have not delved into details regarding the source and how they came into possession of the documents, they concur by the language in the documentation suggesting the omission of the headphone jack. These details notwithstanding, it is still a single source leak and we will have to wait and watch for information to confirm or disprove the same. This also falls in line with the possibility that Google has yet to finalise and lock all the features of the Pixel 2 before sending it for mass production.

That said, what we do know is that the Mountain View company is looking at making the device water resistant to a degree and the camera would once again be a focal feature. With sources stating that the Pixel 2’s camera would not have a high megapixel count rather compensating and improving the package through other extra features.

All in all, removal of the headphone jack will be a bold move for Google since a lot of major Android OEM’s still provide the jack on their flagships and future devices. It would also be an abrupt U-turn for the company which had taken potshots at their primary competitor, Apple over the issue in the original advertisement for the Pixel. As usual, reader discretion is advised since this has not been confirmed and might turn out to be a hoax until more information is available.

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