Last year in October, Google decided that its branded android phones wouldn’t use the Nexus name, thus ending its 6 year relationship with its Nexus branded flagship devices. The Nexus was made by entering into a partnership with the likes of Samsung, LG, HTC and Huawei, to sell both phones and tablets showcasing Google’s latest software. Although some good came with the death of Nexus series as Google instead came up with its series of Pixel handsets. The move was made by Google to have it’s brand name front and center on its devices (perhaps like Apple). The Google Pixel XL, along with the Google Pixel, was the first phone ‘made (almost entirely) by Google’, and provided the best way to experience the latest and greatest that Android had to offer. The Pixel series put immense power of Google search behind everything the user did with the all-new Google Assistant.

Continuing with the success for its first generation of Pixel devices, Google is soon expected to come up with its next flagship phones. Even though the next generation of Pixel handsets wouldn’t arrive until late 2017, the Google Pixel line supposedly code-named ‘Taimen’ and ‘Walleye’, has already got us to think what Google has in store for us. As we edge closer and closer to the rumored September/October release date, the anticipation and discussions taking place among the android community, for the possible specifications of the devices, is something to take note of.

Earlier we had news that the next generation Pixel series would be equipped with a small screen, a large screen, and of course an even larger screen. But it seems like the in between device has been perhaps cancelled, which leaves us with ‘Walleye’ and ‘Taimen’, that is the smallest and biggest screen-ed handset respectively.

Pixel 2Starting with the smaller of the two, it seems that ‘Walleye’ will feature a 4.97-inch display with a Full HD display. Powering the device will be the Snapdragon 835 SoC along with 4GB of RAM and at least 64GB of storage. The design for this handset is expected to be (almost) identical to the last year’s smaller Pixel; with large bezels surrounding the display to be used as front firing stereo speakers at the disposal of the 3.5mm headphone jack. This, though, seems a little out of the box and not-an-easy-to-digest change; especially looking back at the Pixel commercials in which Google abruptly poked Apple for firing the headphone jack out of its iPhone 7 series lineup. All this is expected to make ‘Walleye’ one of the few small display handsets with premium specifications.

Google Pixel 2 renders by DPS
Google Pixel 2 renders by DPS

Google’s ‘Taimen’ device is said to be the bigger of the two options, sporting a much larger 5.99-inch display compared to last year’s Pixel XL, and with much smaller bezels, too. The device, supposedly, will use a 1440p OLED panel from LG, and will run on a Snapdragon 835 processor and 4GB of RAM. There will be a 128GB model available, however the source says it may not be the only option available to consumers. The back is similar to last year’s with a two-tone glass and metal finish, though the glass window is located near the top and no longer encloses the fingerprint scanner. No dual-camera orientation is said to come to this handset, and hence might feature a single camera with dual LED flash. It seems like Google wants to take its time before implementing the dual camera setup in its Pixel handsets, who knows they might come off with something much more intriguing than that!

As we come closer to the release date, stay tuned to Devs-Lab for more Pixel related news and updates.