How to Install CWM in Mediatek device
How to Install CWM in Mediatek device

The tech giant said that this landline service will roll out to cities that already have Fiber internet. The $10-per-month charge is comparable to pricing for Vonage’s VoIP service, but more than other providers such as MagicJack and Ooma. Google is giving Fiber Phone users unlimited free calling to numbers in the USA or Canada.

However, Google feels that landlines continue to be dependable in an emergency. If you add Fiber Phone on top of these services, you will be given a square black phone box that comes with a phone and Ethernet jack.

In a nutshell, Google Fiber Phone will give you unlimited nationwide and local calling, just like a traditional landline and you can make global calls as well.

Since the service is cloud-based, the service works with any hardware customers connect it with. Find out more about the new phone service by visiting their website. Perhaps Google’s decision to integrate landlines into the Fiber package was a necessary move. Any voicemail made through it can be transcribed automatically and sent through email.


Google will roll out Fiber Phone in a select few areas, but the company did not say when or where. It would cost a user $10 per month to get the service. When customers apply for the Fiber Phone service, they will be offered a VOIP box that will act as a link between the Internet phone service and the landline phone. The services are only available in certain cities, such as San Antonio, Provo, Austin and Kansas City.

The features are similar to a normal landline phone with some exceptional and outstanding addition. It remains to be seen whether Google succeeds in tempting people to get back to the yesteryear device they have steered away from.

Land phone is still important and essential to some families as it provides authentic and user-friendly service but since the technology is not up-to date land phone are mainly used by grandparents.