Google is the second big player in the newly formed smart speaker segment, but things just got more interesting yesterday. Google launched a mini version of its Home speakers called Google Home Mini at the Pixel 2 event. And it’s easy to see that this is an answer to the recently launched Amazon Echo Dot. The puck-sized fabric covered speaker is priced $49 and will start retailing in US stores from October 19 and is right now available for pre-order. It will be available in grey, black, red, or as Google calls them, “chalk,” “charcoal,” and “coral.

The Home Mini is just one more way for Google to get Assistant into more lives and rooms. It can’t give you music-grade speakers, rather it is convenient for news updates, weather, podcasts, and stuff like that. One big glaring omission is the 3.5mm jack that is present in the Echo Dot. This means that the Home Mini can’t connect to traditional audio speakers and must need a Chromecast. This can be one potential deal breaker for some. However, it does support both iOS and Android and boasts hands-free voice calling.

The original Google Home comes at a price of $129. Google’s announcement coincides with the launch of the Amazon Echo range in India, while Google has yet no official plans regarding Indian launch of Google Home products.