Android Oreo has not even started arriving for a great many Android users and it has surfaced that Google is busy on the next big Android update. This is barely after a week since Android v.8.0, Oreo was finally unveiled. The fine folks at XDA Developers did a bit of digging and found a new tag has been opened up in the Android Open Source Project titled “master-p”. This most likely indicates that any changes tagged so will likely show up in the next version of Android, P, i.e., v.9.x.

During this investigation, the data was drawn from three changes that showed that the search giant is testing Android P on the Google Pixel (sailfish) and Google Pixel XL (marlin). The changes can be seen in the image below,

Android P AOSP test hardware

The main giveaways are the platform version and the platform version codename.

The other change is the platform version in the Compatibility Test Suite from “8.0.0” to just “P”. This shows that any further testing on changes made to the master brand of AOSP will all be filed under Android P. This is done to ensure they pass the updated CTS.

Android P AOSP changes

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Currently, that is all that could be gathered out of the changes that were spotted and it is a little too early to be sure what we will see introduced with Android P. Just that we know that Google is working on the next major version of Android and it would come as Android P.

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