Google today was fined €2.42 Billion (~$2.7 Billion) by the European Commission for tampering with results on Google Shopping. This decision comes in the wake of seven years of investigation which concluded with the ruling that the Search giant had abused its dominant market position. The ruling states that Google was tweaking the search algorithms in their favour.

While passing this judgement the Commission stated that Google must change its algorithm and must treat competing online shopping services on equal terms. EU Competition Commissioner, Margrethe Vestager praised the Mountain View-based search giant for its numerous innovative online solutions but also criticised it for manipulating the market in its favour thanks to its dominant position in the market.

Google can appeal against this ruling so this might not be the end of the litigation. The company is also embattled in two more cases – one being its Google AdSense business and its relations with Android phone Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM).

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