Google in China
Google in China

Google has been the most-popular search website to get relevant information by entering search terms. Google also has products like Android, Cloud hosting and many others but the main revenue of the company is through its search engine, Google has spread its services successfully all over the world except for a few countries. One of this countries is China where Google and its services are currently not available.

Now, there are reports that Google and China have started talks for the company’s return to Mainland China. Prior to this, Google in China was only accessible through VPNs (virtual private network). Now if the reports are to be believed, Google has started talks to return to the country after 7 years from pulling its services out of the country.

“China has been in touch with Google through various channels. Last year, leaders of our country’s important department had further communication with Google,” said Liu Binjie, a standing committee member of China’s Parliament the National People’s Congress and former head of the General Administration of Press and Publication.

“Google Scholar, a search engine for scholarly literature, was among the services on Beijing’s priority list for re-entry. There was hope that a part of Google’s business would return to China first, gradually followed by others” Liu Binjie said

Liu while talking on the topic of Google’s re-entry also added “The academic sector will be the first to get through. China’s focus is on (making) academic progress, such as academic exchanges as well as (exchanges in) science and culture, instead of news, information or politics,”

One thing of importance was that Liu added that “service functions that do not involve (politically) sensitive information” are under negotiations. “But, no timetable had yet been set for Google’s return”.

This decision from Google to return to Mainland China after 7 years will help benefit the company even more as the people of China, in the absence of Google had resorted to the local search engines like Baidu and also browsed Google through VPNs. Google will also benefit from the country’s vast amount of internet consumption with 721 million web users.