Google Contacts v2.2 adds action buttons, big contact pics and more

A major update which brings some handy shortcuts and visual changes in UX of Google Contacts app is now live on the Play Store. The v2.2 update has been rolled out keeping user feedback in mind and has more than a couple of changes which we will describe below.

The nicest change is the addition of action buttons under a contact photo. This gives users one-tap access to call, text, email or video call the particular contact. Finally, at least Google heard user feedback. This is one feature that will come in handy.

Another major visual change is the return of full photos. Now, the full photos were there in earlier versions, but for some reason, Google got rid of them. Now, this doesn’t add much utility but it is just a visual change.

Another interesting change is in the individual Contact window. If a contact has details like job title, work number, office location, type of work etc it will be displayed in his profile info. Google also made changes to the Suggestions tab in this update. This section will suggest you to import contacts from SIM card, clean up duplicates, or delete junk contacts depending upon your usage. A “Merge All” button has also been added to simplify the duplicate contacts merging process.

And finally, an option called “Customize view” is added to the contacts list in the overflow menu. It is actually the “Contacts to Display” option that was once available in the Settings menu. This feature was available for “All Contacts” list view but now for individual profiles as well.