Google Pixel 2 renders by DPS
Google Pixel 2 renders by DPS

The Google Pixel was one of the best Android smartphones of 2016. Google made a bold step last year by killing the extremely popular Nexus line an introducing the Pixel line and the decision has indeed worked like magic. Now its time for the Google Pixel 2!

Google’s Senior Vice President of hardware, Rick Osterloh has confirmed that the Google Pixel will have a successor. This is what he had to say:

There is an annual rhythm in the industry. So, you can count on us to follow it,” said Osterloh, adding, “You can count on a (Google Pixel) successor this year, even if you don’t hear a date from me now.

Some earlier rumours had claimed that a “budget” Google Pixel is coming this year. But Osterloh has confirmed that the successor to the Google Pixel would “stay premium”. However there is a possibility that a separate Pixel branded phone (mentioned as Pixel 2B in rumours) may be on cards.

Last month, Google even asked users feedback about the Google Pixel’s design. This further tells us that Google wants to iron out the flaws in its design and give us a perfect Pixel 2.

Rumours have claimed the Pixel 2 will cost $50 more than its predecessor and is expected to include a better CPU and a better camera. The Pixel 2 is also expected to be more durable and will likely feature water-proofing.

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Though the design of the Google Pixel was really under-whelming, the software was a delight to use and more than made up for it. Google pushes out timely updates (unlike other Android Manufacturers) and lets you run the latest and greatest software, both feature-wise and security-wise, on your Pixel device. A perfectly designed Google Pixel 2 would make the smartphone totally exceptional and check all the boxes.

We are extremely excited about the Google Pixel 2! Are you? Let us know in the comments below!

  • Drew Mikolajczyk

    Not in the least…Will have nothing to do with the Pixel while HTC has it’s hands in it.
    If I’m paying premium prices..I expect a premium device…HTC’s involvement only points to supply issues, QC issues…And uninspired design.

    • Major Sceptic

      Yes it had some issues , and seriously overpriced too if you ask me .
      If the 2 is going to be more expensive it needs to be prefect for that price , and have comparable features to flagship devices ..

      • Drew Mikolajczyk

        I’m likely moving to the Nokia 9 as soon as the rumored specs are confirmed and it’s launched…
        If it pans out it looks like it will be everything the Pixel XL should have been..
        Same price as this past Pixel XL but so much more bang for the buck

    • David Martrano

      Well, if it doesn’t have the lens flare up, Bluetooth connection problems and bring back the headphone jack maybe I will consider! Oh, almost forgot microphone problems! And seeing that your bezels are so big two front facing stereo speakers! Is that asking for too much??

    • Steve Knowles

      HTC only build the phone as far as I’m aware, Google decide on all the layouts, tech and software that goes into the phone just that they’d worked with HTC before (plus Samsung asked for far too much money which would have knocked the phone up even more) so they gave the build contract to them.

      • Drew Mikolajczyk

        No actually it was supposed to be Huawei again but Huawei was pissed off at Google and backed out of the deal, which left Google scrambling last minute for an OEM willing to meet their terms…

        Huawei was pissed by the way because their deal with Google around the 6P was supposed to be mutually beneficial. The deal was supposed to get their phones into a US carrier store. The 6P wasn’t available in carrier stores…and then Google said that the Pixel would be exclusively at Verizon but it couldn’t have any co-Branding just “made by Google” …Huawei rightfully told them to fuck off