Google Express

When Google Assistant debuted, you could add items to your shopping list just by asking the AI Assistant. It would create a note named the ‘Google Assistant shopping list’ in the Google Keep app. Therefore it was easy to access and was present along with the other notes. This is an extremely convenient solution but Google thinks otherwise!

A recent article suggested that the Google app was updated the a couple of days back, which moved shopping list’s out of Google Keep. Now, the shopping list’s are moved to Google Express.

For those who are unfamiliar with Google Express, it is an online market that connects all the popular stores. Because of this, you can now directly purchase your items from the note itself.

For example, in the pic above, an umbrella icon can be seen next to “Vitamin Water”. This directly links it to Google Express and hence you can purchase the item a little faster.

The drawback of this implementation however is that if you do not have the Express app installed, the shopping list opens up in a Chrome Custom Tab. Also, dictating shopping lists to Google Now still saves them in Google Keep.

However, there is a major flaw. Even though you have the Express app installed on your Android Wear smartwatch, there is no way of accessing your shopping list. This makes it tougher rather than simpler.

Therefore, Google is looking forward to get more users to use Express. This implementation makes it more complicated and removes the simplicity of such a basic function.

Are you disappointed by Google;s move? Sound off and let us know what you think!

  • ranjaz

    Extremely disappointing move!!!!!

  • David C.

    What an astoundingly poor move. Why disable integration with a very good core program–a Google product no less? Simple, accurate voice to-do’s that could be easily accessed were an overwhelming reason to fully embrace the Google ecosystem. They now disappear into a terrible program, difficult to find and use, and frequently inaccessible because of poor connectivity. Between this bone-headed decision and the refusal to add SMS to Allo, I guess it’s back to Apple for me.

  • margiclark

    Is there a way to revert to using keep for my shopping list? If not, I won’t be using the google assistant for my shopping list. It’s only useful now for online shopping.