Google Assistant

There are a lot of hidden gem features in Android Oreo that are slowly being picked up by developers. Some of them are meh, while others are a breath of fresh air. One such feature is Google Assistant for third party apps. While Google has been clamoring to get its prodigious AI into iOS worldwide, here it is, not even able to access third party apps even on its own platform. Well, till now that is.

The new feature was found by XDA Developers while doing some digging into the new code. With the new feature, app developers can integrate Assistant so that it can be launched directly from within the app. This is a win-win situation for both as it allows Google more big data and app users don’t have to leave the app to access Assistant.

Also, user’s can set other virtual assistants as default once the feature is working and set. This would allow developers to integrate Microsoft Cortana, for example, to work on tap. However, this would also require developers to first add the code to their app to get Assistant to work. Additionally, the obvious catch is that users will need Oreo goodness to get all these gifts and we just can’t wait to try it out ourselves.