Starting with a server-side switch, Google Assistant now gains the ability to take screenshots via voice or type commands. Users just have to say, “Ok Google, take a Screenshot” if they prefer to speak more than write commands. While not exactly a new feature, it makes screenshot taking much more simple. Earlier Google had a button for this exact same purpose. However, it is no more visible. But some devices still have it.

When you bark out the new command, Assistant will take a screenshot of what is immediately behind the Google Assistant screen is snapped up. The navigation bar and status bar get hidden in the screenshots. The command works when you start up a new conversation or after a string of commands as well. After the screenshot is taken, Google will quickly bring up a slide-up sharing panel. This will allow quick sharing of the screenshot. The activity also gets saved in the history of Assistant actions. Having said that, the feature is still not appearing on my phone. It’s possible it would take some time to appear as is the case with server-side updates. Also, this might be just a feature under testing as Google hasn’t yet said anything about it.

The standard route of pressing the volume down button and the power button requires much gymnastics, this is a good simple and straight forward option. Of course, there are now tons of apps that can give you easier access to the feature, but having the feature baked in Assistant is surely more convenient as it comes out of the box.