One of the defining interactions that we have with our smartphones is using the search function. It is so oft used that it is almost as if the Android experience is incomplete without one or other pull up of the Google application. With that in mind, the Mountain View based giant has been testing a ‘Recent’ section to provide a visual interface of your recent searches.

The Google Search app

This feature should be going live and would be rolling out to more users as the days go by. The Recent function is accessible from the navigation drawer in the Google application. It will take place as the first entry over the current Reminders option. This feature has been in beta testing over the past months. It is to aid a user in rediscovering topics that they looked up in the app recently.

The UI is heavily based on the cards design language that Google has been implementing zealously since its adoption of the Material design language. They are stacked and grouped together for related searches, arranged chronologically with a timeline. This feature also supports gestures like pinching-in and swiping-across so that one can navigate the internals more granularly.

These stacks will display screenshots of websites you have visited as well as the different tabs of the Google app you have accessed as part of a search. Tapping on any card will bring up that site or part of the Google Search app. You can remove individual entries by swiping them out, this just eliminates the card and does not clear the search from your browsing history. Please note that Recent does not sync across devices, for now.

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This recently added feature can also be disabled by going into Setting > Account & Privacy > Enable Recent. What do you think of this feature, do you think it is helpful or even desirable, comment and share in the comments below and follow us on our social media to keep up-to date with the latest in the world of Android.