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The original Google Pixel

One of the major banes of getting in the Android eco-system is the relatively short lifetime support the devices get. And none hurts more than a flagship not getting timely support considering the amount of money you spent to get a premium experience. This was somewhat ameliorated by brands like Google’s Nexus program, is practised up to a point by Motorola and finally looks like the path being adopted by HMD Global w.r.t. its NOKIA branded Android smartphones. Today Google announced the rough time around which it will cease support for the last of the Nexus devices and the original Pixel handsets.

What should come as a relief is that Google does plan to give at least three years of active support for all its devices. Today, the search giant formally announced on the Nexus Support forums that the Pixel and Pixel will get be eligible for major OS updates until October 2018 while getting on-device technical support till October of 2019. This means that post-October 2018 the Pixel line will essentially not be getting any OS updates but is eligible for security patches until October 2019.

While we are on point, Google also mentioned that the upcoming Android O update will be the last major update for the Nexus devices and their security patches will be coming until September of 2018. Post that date, the current Nexus devices will hit official End of Life (EoL) status.

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