Google Certified Android devices programme

Google today announced its Certified Android devices website. The aim of this exercise is to give customers insight into what goes on behind the scenes and how a device is certified. This is the first time the Mountain-View based company is giving a customer face to its programme apart from listing OEM partners with certified devices which are guaranteed to provide a safe and secure experience to their users.

Google retraces the humble beginnings of the Android journey with one device on one carrier by one manufacturer in 2008 which has burgeoned into 2 billion active devices worldwide in today’s date. Google has been providing certification for Android devices to maintain that end-users have a stable experience. This the company ensures by running hundreds of compatibility tests on said device(s) making sure they adhere to Android security and permissions model. The tests are also in place to verify that the Google Play apps that come pre-installed on devices are authentic and going forward apps installed from the Play Store can work as intended.

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Going forward certified Android devices will come with Google Play Protect out of the box. This newly launched initiative provides the end user with a suite of security features that include automatic device scanning for malware, privacy hacks and such security threats. The blog post further details that with the next generation of Android devices consumers can look up whether the device they are purchasing is a certified device which can be looked up online or by looking for the Google Play Protect logo on the product box. This makes sure that the device is genuinely certified and confers additional security provided under Play Protect.

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