Google allo web client

Google’s latest experiment at instant messaging, Allo, just got around 2 months old and it has just got an interesting update. The messenger infused with Google’s AI can now run on popular browsers such as Firefox and Opera. Moreover, Apple iPhone users can now also run the web version of the app. Google Allo’s web app, launched in August, came with support for only Chrome and Android.

Today, Amit Fulay, man in charge at Allo, posted on Twitter, the latest addition to its growing list of features. The update is live now. But that is pretty much it in this update. There aren’t any new features.

Setting up the web version is a piece of cake. Users on the latest version of the app should open the slide-out menu from the left. Select the QR scanner. Then fire up the browser and open address. Once there, just scan the QR code, and within a few minutes, you will be all set up. Your new app messages will automatically get synced when you re-open the web app after initial use.

The most recent update to the web version of Chrome added search for GIFs, emoji, and stickers. And there are a lot of stickers in there, so you will need it.