Google Assistant

Google has added a new notification toggle inside the Google Assistant settings for both the smartphone and the Google Home. Interestingly though, the setting does behave as it should as of now.

Once you jump into Google Assistant settings, you will come across a new toggle named “Notifications” under “Adjust settings for this device”. People have also noted that the setting has also made an appearance in Google Home Assistant settings.

It is interesting to note that the setting does not show up immediately after updating the Google app to version 7.0, but also does not appear in previous versions.

Receive notifications like weather updates on this device. Even if notifications are off, you’ll still hear alarms and important updates.

The toggle is turned on by default but does not do anything as of now. Turning it off and quitting the app will automatically re-enable it. Also, the setting remains on even if the Google Assistant is disabled.

Google could be consolidating and combining the news feed with the Assistant. We will keep you updated once the toggle starts functioning.