Google Home

Google Home can now be trained to detect the voice of six people. Today, Google announced that it’s smart device now has support for multiple users. Apart from the multi-user support, Google Home now tailors the answers for each individual and it has the capability to access your data based on your voice. This will make sure your appointments are not heard by others using the smart speaker.

Google is using neural network to identify which person is actually speaking! How cool is that!

We ask you to say the phrases “Ok Google” and “Hey Google” two times each. Those phrases are then analyzed by a neural network, which can detect certain characteristics of a person’s voice. From that point on, any time you say ‘Ok Google’ or “Hey Google” to your Google Home, the neural network will compare the sound of your voice to its previous analysis so we can understand if it’s you speaking or not. This comparison takes place only on your device, in a matter of milliseconds.

Training your voice is pretty straight forward and it can be done by going into the Google Home app on your smartphone.

Even though there is support for multiple users, multiple accounts per user is not supported yet. This means that Google Home cannot separate your personal and work accounts.

This update is rolling out today in the United States and will be available in UK in a few weeks.