Gita – a Composite-Made Robot that Carries your Stuff
Gita – a Composite-Made Robot that Carries your Stuff

In the 1946 a small company from Italy; Piaggio made its name with Vespa scooters it had set benchmarks for two wheeler industry, if people are aware then Vespa was a popular brand in India for Scooters in early 90’s.

Now this same company which had it’s roots in Automotive world is changing it’s pathway, shifting the dynamics of the company, plunging into the world of robotics and smart machines with a arm of company named Piaggio Fast Forward dealing in autonomous transportation and machine learning led by Architecture and designer Greg Lynn being its Chief Creative Officer.

The outcome of this company was in 2nd Feb 2017 ; GITA – A Smart bag which follows you wherever you go, it is a Italian Word spelled as “Jee-Taa” which means travel. The CEO Piaggio Fast Forward Jeffrey Schnapp said “We are developing products that augment and extend human capabilities, instead of simply seeking to replace them”

Gita – a 22-pound, semi-autonomous, battery-powered, two-wheeled robot that can carry up to 40 pounds of your cargo, indoor or outdoors.

If you have recently watched Star Wars you can see it looks like the famous R2-D2 robot following it’s Human Companion wherever it follows,this robot has ample of space to store your groceries and usual traveling luggage,comes with a charging port to charge your devices and in built light and location finder to let you know through Mobile App where your bag is currently and also you can summon it so that it shall come to you.

It has a top speed of 35 kmph which is a normal human sprint speed apart from that it has got cylindrical wheels which gives it an edge to have a zero degree turning radius, follow me feature is something that it keeps you following wherever you go and also it has cameras around so it continuously maps the surrounding and creates a map of it so it finds easy way to Navigate.The AI is developed as such that it can find the best possible routes for itself and can work indoors as well as outdoors with smart blinking wheel light and multiple color options i do think it has some serious fashion style.

Think of it as your “Sherpa” helping you with your luggage wherever you go(Not to extreme mountain climbing), but for casual shopping experience or a short trip to your granny’s home or Boarding a flight to see your friends . Get GITA and travel hassle free that’s what company is boasting about.

CCO Lynn said “he wanted to join the technology revolution and to start somewhere this is where the company wanted to explore, personal travel companion with a new innovative touch”.

Hopefully in future more and more companies would divert on designing stuffs which make our lives easier. On flip side does the extra comfort and luxury are making us soft? Do let me know your ideas and views regarding it in comment section below.