Xiaomi Redmi Note 3
Xiaomi Redmi Note 3

Smartphones have been improvising day by day. If you’re still with that old Jellybean/KitKat smartphone then my friend, you need to change your device. Things have improved, Android is much more cleaner faster and advanced now in latest devices. Things have moved from keypads to Fingerprint scanner. Xiaomi recently launched its flagship device, Xiaomi Redmi Note 3 which is the best Smartphone with almost every feature. A Fingerprint Scanner which unlocks the device in 0.3s,  full metal body, A massive 4000mAh battery! & 13MP/5MP cameras.

Xiaomi Redmi Note 3 Specification




Octa-core Helio X10

Front Camera


Finger Print Scanner



1080×1920 pixels





Android version

5.0 with guaranteed update for Android M



Rear Camera


Battery capacity



403 pixels per inch.

However, there are many other devices like Nexus 6P, OnePlus Two or LG V10 but, there are huge cost difference between this devices and Xiaomi Redmi Note 3. We are offering best deal for Xiaomi Redmi Note 3. Most of countries have not yet received Xiaomi Redmi 3. But, you can buy from the below link from anywhere worldwide. Device will be unlocked for Worldwide use. You don’t need to pay extra for unlocking and other things.

Xiaomi Redmi Note 3
Xiaomi Redmi Note 3

Why your next smartphone should be Chinese?

  1. They are cheaper than the competition
  2. They offer something different: Chinese phones are becoming increasingly well designed. Just look at Xiaomi Redmi Note 3, The Meizu Pro 5 or the Lenovo Vibe P1. Manufacturers are no longer taking their cues from existing devices but offering something truly different. And that has to be worth something.
  3. The brands are growing and targeting you: The growth experienced by Chinese manufacturers over the last decade shows little sign of stalling and that could be good news for consumers. Traditionally companies like Huawei and Xiaomi have concentrated on their domestic market
  4. They look pretty damn good.
  5. They give you more freedom.

What if I say you you’ll get this Xiaomi Redmi Note 3 for 170$ (Rs. 11236)! Regular price: 180$-230$. Better Hurry as the deal is just for 3 days. The device is Unlocked for Worldwide use. 

Xiaomi Redmi Note 3 Lowest Price Guaranteed
Xiaomi Redmi Note 3 Lowest Price Guaranteed

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What about the shipping charges & location?

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What about the Return policy, Quality of Service & Technical Support?

Gearbest Return Policy
Gearbest Return Policy

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