Google had re-imagined its stock keyboard application into the GBoard in December 2016, tightly integrating a myriad of features to make it a seamless user experience. The keyboard has integrated a Google search function, with support for GIF’s and emoji search and more. And now it seems that Google is pushing its boundaries further with the recent updates.

GBoard. The Google keyboard

The latest update expands on the already powerful feature set of the keyboard, adding suggest function for GIF’s and emojis as you type. Apart from this the update has also brought more themes and background image support for the keyboard. The application now has improved voice-typing, search support for languages that are written from right-to-left and finally integration of the Google Translate directly on the keyboard. Please note that the the GIF search function is not featured across all messaging applications. GBoard will only show appropriate results in the Facebook Messenger, Snapchat, Hangouts and Allo apps. This feature was previously available in the iOS variant of GBoard.

Google claims that it has improved the accuracy and smoothness of voice-typing while toggling between the same and direct-typing is also more seamless and easy. The new themes and backgrounds can be accessed by going under the LANGUAGE & INPUT SETTING > GBoard settings > Theme settings. As suggested, now you can not only change the colour scheme of the keyboard but have an image as the background instead. Finally the last major feature to be integrated into the application is live translation of any input via Google’s Translate function. All these functions can be accessed by tapping the G-icon on the keyboard and tapping on the appropriate function you desire.

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Finally Google claims it has added the Search and share function for languages like Arabic, Sindhi, Hebrew and Farsi within GBoard. The application should auto-update since the update is live as of writing this article. Follow us on our social media for keeping up-to date with the latest in the world of Android.