The latest beta for the Gboard app for Android has brought in many new features and subtle tweaks. Gboard 6.2 includes rounded icons and a new ‘pop-out’ mode that lets you drag the keyboard to any part of the screen. The key borders now sports a more rounded look instead of  the completely squared one.

Now, tapping the G icon brings a new keyboard for quicker navigation. This features large up/down/left/right buttons as well as copy, paste and select all buttons. This is meant especially for quick movement and text editing.

Now the suggestion strip also includes GIF suggestions. After typing a word and giving a space, GIF suggestions about the particular word appears in the left corner of the suggestion drawer.

The major feature added is the ‘pop-out’ mode. After going into the one-handed mode, there is a new button in the bottom corner which when clicked pops the keyboard out. Now, the keyboard can be moved around and the size can be adjusted. The keyboard can occupy upto two-third’s of the screen. The drawback however is that the typing space is reduced and the background of the keyboard is blank. A better implementation would be a floating keyboard that reveals the content behind it.

Gboard 6.2 is still in beta and we can expect roll-out in the next few weeks. However, if you are eager to try out the new features, you can sign-up for the beta in the Play Store.