Galaxy S8

Several leaks have pointed out that the Samsung Galaxy S8 will be the first smartphone from Samsung that will not sport any Physical buttons on the front of the device. This was in an attempt to slim down the bezels and incorporate a near bezel-less design.

This meant that there would be no home button to house the fingerprint sensor. However, early leaks claimed that the Galaxy S8 was going to embed the fingerprint sensor into the display, thanks to the new technology from Synaptics. Also, considering the long term partnership between Samsung and Synaptics, this was well on cards.

However, recent leaks have pointed out that the Samsung Galaxy S8 will have a rear mounted fingerprint sensor, just like the Google Pixel and is expected to be placed near the camera sensor.

A new report from Korea has claimed that the reason for the change of plan is attributed to the lack of time. The report cites that Samsung invested a lot in the Synaptics’ Technology, but the results were “frustrating”. Hence, Samsung had to place the fingerprint sensor in the front or had to relocate it to the rear and it seems that the latter has happened.

Various rumours have claimed that Apple has partnered with Synaptics for embedding the fingerprint scanner into the display for it’s 10th Anniversary iPhone dubbed the “iPhone Edition”. This may be a great selling point for the iPhone Edition and Samsung has to convince their users that there is a real motive behind the move and that the relocation provides more use.

However, Samsung is said to be working on an advances facial recognition software, which when coupled with the iris scanning capabilities, could provide a really quick unlocking experience. Fingerprint sensors have grown to be an extremely convenient means of unlocking a smartphone and we highly doubt whether Iris-Scanning would replace it.

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    Hopefully they didn’t run out of fire retardant