Galaxy S5 ROM for Titanium S5+ & Coolpad 7295C

Samsung Galaxy S5 Custom ROM for Karbonn Titanium S5+ (Plus) & Coolpad 7295C MTK6582. Samsung’s latest Galaxy S5 had a very good sale in Android market because of the improvements in old Samsung Touchwiz launcher & Notification bar. With all the same Interface & improvements this ROM is purely Galaxy S5 based. Latest Touchwiz launcher, Icons, Status bar. Experience the Samsung interface in your Mediatek device Karbonn Titanium S5Plus & Coolpad 7295C. Provides best battery life & performance. Thanks to Arun Bansal for this post. As per the author, this is the best Touchwiz ROM S5Plus have ever used offering complete theme of Galaxy S5.

ROM Features :

  1. Ultra Clear theme with clear icons.
  2. Included Dolby for best sound output.
  3. Included Viper4Android.
  4. Samsung Galaxy S5 latest Touchwiz launcher.
  5. Galaxy S5 Status bar.
  6. Galaxy S5 Icons & App drawer.
  7. Samsung File manager.
  8. Galaxy S5 settings theme with easy access.
  9. Samsung Apps like Heart Rate, Kid mode,Email & browser.
  10. Galaxy weather widget.
  11. All the Galaxy wallpapers.
  12. Notification counter working.
  13. Samsung’s recent panel with kill all apps.
  14. Samsung’s Task manager pre-installed.
  15. Lock Options has all S5 features.
  16. Galaxy S5 caller screen & dailer.
  17. Much more to discover.

Bugs :

        As I said earlier, this ROM is the best Touchwiz ROM for Titanium S5. So, it doesn’t have any bugs & offers best performance, music, connectivity out of your Titanium S5 & Coolpad 7295C.

Screenshots :

Galaxy S5 ROM for Titanium S5+: Download

How to Install :

  1. Root your Titanium S5+ & Coolpad 7295C : Follow this.
  2. Install CWM by this method : CWM for S5+ & 7295C.
  3. Download the Zip file from above.
  4. Follow the steps given here : How to Install custom rom.
  5. Open Build.prop & edit the model no.’s last word with l, to improve gaming performance.

FAQ’s :

1. How to customize statusbar icons ?
    You can use Gravity Box or any other Xposed module for Jellybean.2. How to make Navigation bar transparent?
You can use Gravity box options to change color to transparent.3. How to change statusbar color as per App?
You can use Tinted statusbar (Xposed module.)

Credits :

  • Developer : Zuell
  • Porter : Arun Bansal.
         That’s all you are done setting up the ROM in your device. Hope you enjoy using this ROM. Please Share & +1 this post. If you have any doubts you can comment below. To contact the author of this ROM : Arun Bansal. Have a good day !
  • lucky singh

    no audio just the start up sound works …………. i cant play any audio on my phone rest all is good please help

  • rohan gawali

    please port bugless roms like marshmallow for s5 plus please sent me direct download link of cwm fashable stock rom titanium s5 plus

  • rohan gawali

    sir can i increase sound performance more better my sound is too low
    please sent me solution at – [email protected]

  • bhushan

    pls give the solutions how to fix permissions

  • Prashant

    Arun and Ajinkya, First of all thanks for providing New Roms to us as the stock Karbonn titanium s5 Plus rom sucked..

    I bought KTS5 a few Monrhs ago and Rooted my phone so as to have some useful apps
    I dont know how to Flash my phone but i would love to know about it.

    Can u pls make me aware how to flash and which is the best and most stable custom rom available atm

  • param

    i think this is the best rom for titanium s5 plus… thankxxxxx bro.. this rom is working well .. no any bug in rom and very smooth in running .. thnkxx alot all applications are running smoothly

  • Rahul Pawar

    I installed Galaxy s5 such a very good rom…but my camera, play store, gallery are not working..plz give me solution….



  • prince

    Sir i install the costom rom but…most problem is the stopping the process after evry 2 to 3 secpnd……….most problem with…….media.process.stopped unfortunately isnt responding …plz solve my problem

  • kmk7210

    Loud speaker sound is too low how to increase it ?

  • Patrick

    Stuck on boot screen…

  • Patrick

    Stuck on boot screen

  • rajendra meena

    This rom is very god
    I want u build up ios rom for marbonn titanium s5 plus
    I wait it

    • Arun

      Bro new roms are available for s5+ contact me [email protected] or on whatsapp9041920120

  • gallery dont work nor the play store nor the videos nor ny other it only looks good ,,.. i want it so plz help about it

  • sayan

    my play store and and gallery and video music nothing r working.. though it look good .. bt i cant use them.. plz help out..

  • satyam maurya

    The rom is awesom but im facing a problem with the home navigation key its not working when i touch it while using any app it does nothing plez provide me with the solution

  • Deepak verma

    Awesome creation dud but i m cant able to use Google apps like
    Plastered etc.
    Plz halp me

  • mukush

    best rom…really smooth… but s memo is not working…other than this. everything is just awesome…

  • Arun

    Pls change device name…just delete last word and add I to name and reboot for better gaming experience 🙂

  • Jaimin Patel

    Best rom for s5 plus user. But add samsung gallery, video player, key board and phone swipe to call.

  • sufie cruise

    Best rom for s5 plus…

  • By Far best rom in Galaxy Category, Thank you for good work and development….

    Only thing is that S Health seems to be crashing all the time. Can you fix that?

    • Arun Bansal

      Thnx for trying this rom…our device does not have advance sensors so it happenes but i will upload new roms soon 🙂

    • Thank buddy!!! Any chance that you could Cyanogen rom for this device?