Galaxy S5 ROM for Karbonn A12+
Samsung Galaxy S5 Custom ROM for Karbonn A12+ MTK6572. Samsung’s latest Galaxy S5 had a very good sale in Android market because of the improvements in old Samsung Touchwiz launcher & Notification bar. With all the same Interface with theme this ROM is purely Galaxy S5 based. Latest Touchwiz launcher, Icons, Status bar & Kitkat easter egg. Added Galaxy S5’s 4G Status bar. Experience the Samsung interface in your Mediatek device Karbonn A12+. Providing best battery life & performance its the Best ROM.Samsung Galaxy S5 got totally new features & Interface. The Old Samsung Icons  & Notification bar are replaced by the smoother ones.

ROM Features :

  • Fully Galaxy S5 Touchwiz Themed
  • Galaxy S5 Weather Widget
  • Galaxy S5 Touchwiz Launcher
  • Galaxy S5 Bootlogo(THE ORIGINAL)
  • Samsung Bootanimation
  • Galaxy S5 Styled Settings.apk
  • Galaxy S5 Dialer
  • Galaxy S5 Themed SystemUI(Worked a lot on it)
  • Galaxy S5 Styled Stock Lockscreen
  • Ported Galaxy Touchwiz Clock.apk(fully working now)
  • SMemo
  • Galaxy S5 My Files
  • Galaxy S5 Icons
  • Galaxy S5 Themed Music Player(+the Music Widget)
  • Call recording on stock callscreen(by pressing options button)
  • Galaxy S5 Battery icon
  • Bravia Engine 2

Basic Features :

  • Battery Tweaks
  • Proximity Tweaks
  • Frees More RAM
  • Signal Tweaks
  • Fast Reboot
  • Better Responsiveness & Speed
  • No Delay In Making Call
  • Net Speed Tweaks
  • Better Image & Audio Quality
  • Faster Streaming
  • Loads of Build.prop tweaks

Bugs :

No, If you find any do a factory reset and clear cache. Also fix permissions through CWM.

Screenshots :

Download LINK :

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Last updated on: Dec 23, 2015 @ 7:44 pm


  1. how to roll back to original karbonn A12+ ROM ,After Installing Samsung Galaxy S5
    Custom ROM Steps please..?

  2. Thanks a lot bro.. Its really superb…
    But Speaker n whats aap, these 2 r not working, I tried whats app plus also, but its not working 🙁