Samsung Galaxy Note8 Hero

Now that the Galaxy Note 8 is official, comes the all important question of availability. Most European countries are expected to start pre-orders from August 25. While the device will be available on demand starting September 15. Today we have some industry reports regarding India availability. Earlier reports said the phone will be sold online as an Amazon Exclusive.

Samsung’s first dual-camera flagship will be up for pre-order starting September 11, says an industry insider. The pre-order will continue for 3 weeks like other countries. That means the phone should be in retail stores in early October. The source also adds that the price of the phone will be as high as Rs. 74,900 the equivalent of $1,170. Also, the phone will be available on Samsung India’s own website too. What is unclear though is whether Samsung will be offering the freebies it is currently bundling to other countries it is selling now.

The Galaxy Note 8 has been billed by many as a Galaxy S8+ with an S Pen. It remains to be seen what kind of reception the Note7 successor will receive by wary Indian consumers. Some recent events of phones burning and injuring users has created a kind of fear in the less educated circles that bars them from buying smartphones. Of course, the Galaxy Note 8 is far from that risk now, but will that assurance be enough for Indian users? We shall find out soon.