Bluetooth devices are here to stay and that’s for sure. Whether it is a good or a bad thing, we need to embrace the changes to find some progression. But not all of the changes comes in complete package. They often needs some time to grow and improve.

While we’ve been using some Bluetooth devices in the past few years, it’s a little bit disappointing to know that the Android operating system still lacks a native Bluetooth battery level indicator. As it is Android, of course there are a lot of third-party applications on the Play Store that offers to satisfy this need. However, these apps tends to be very buggy and fairly unusable at times depending on the device you are using and Google want to change it. At least in the future.

XDA Developers earlier reported that Google’s future update will be including this Bluetooth battery level indicator as a feature. That means, you will now be able to tell how much battery is left on your Bluetooth connected accessories without you having to deal with third-party applications. While this is not new for Samsung, LG and OnePlus users – as the feature is already implemented on their own Android skins, Google want to bring this to the next level by baking the feature directly on the Operating System.

Samsung Bluetooth Battery Level Indicator
OnePlus Bluetooth Battery Level Indicator
LG Bluetooth Battery Level Indicator

As mentioned, Google plans to integrate the feature at the system level, giving stock Android users more edge. Take note that this feature is already been part of Bluetooth standard and Google just needs to integrate it for the Bluetooth battery level indicator to pop up.

The update should not arrive until 2018 and is expected to be one of Android 8.0’s main feature. Well done Google! This time, I’m not being sarcastic.