Flashable Stock ROM for Titanium S5+ & Coolpad 7295C
Flashable Stock ROM for Titanium S5+ & Coolpad 7295C

All other Stock ROMS for Karbonn Smartphones are available in common .img forms which can be flashed by using SP Flash tool. But the Stock ROM is Karbonn Titanium S5+ also re-branded as Coolpad 7295C has Factory firmware in .cbd format which requires YGDP Tool which is too tricky & not an easy software to play with. This is also CWM Flashable Stock ROM For Coolpad 7295C. This ROM is same as Stock firmware without any modification. So, if you want to roll back to Stock ROM its just too simple. As installing zip from CWM is risk free & easy. Some reason reported that YGDP Hangs in between, so you can use this method.

ROM Download :

How to Install :

  1. Download Zip file from above given any one link.
  2. Place the zip file in SDcard, Now switch off your phone.
  3. Goto ClockworkMOD recovery.
  4. Goto Backup & Restore > Backup.
  5. Goto Advanced > Clear Dalvik cache.
  6. Goto  Mount & Storage > System format.
  7. Click on Install zip from SDcard > Locate the zip file.
  8. That’s all ! You have rolled back to your factory firmware.
           Hope you have installed Factory firmware in your Karbonn Titanium S5+ & Coolpad 7295C. Please leave your feedback if you found this post helpful. Please like & Share this post. Hope to see you again. Have a good day !
  • Kunal


    I was trying to install this rom, but i am unable to format the system ( CWM recovery mode )
    The error is as follows

    Formatting /system..
    E: format_volume: make_extf4fs failed on /dev/block/mmcblk0p5
    Error formatting /system!

    please help me with this.

    • Devs-Lab

      Please install a fully functional CWM recovery. You are using a corrupted recovery. Follow this method, to install CWM Recovery: Install CWM in all MTK Device.

  • Nemeen

    After uploading thing ROM back I m not able to use 3G on my phone please help !

    • Devs-Lab

      Do a complete system format through ClockworkMOD or Philiz recovery, before flashing this ROM.

  • naveen kumar

    hey friend i have titanium s5 plus i have flashed with stock rom with cwm but it crashed during start
    plese help me iwant my stock back thnks

    • Hey, first place the rom in sdcard then goto recovery and Format system & Clear cache. Now install the rom.

      • Bala K

        Hi Ajinkya…

        Having same problem after i flashed a s5 ROM instead of s5plus. Now it says cant mount system and cant mount emmc. Can you please help.


  • naveen kumar

    hey friend i have titanium s5 plus i have flashed with stock rom with cwm but it crashed during start
    plese help me iwant my stock back thnks

  • Deepankar

    Hello Ajinkya,
    I am getting the error failure to mount /emmc.
    Please help

  • Nemeen Shah

    Bro can you please upload latest stock ROM for karbonn titanium s5+ which has new update of moving an app to external SD card :))

  • Anonymous

    hey ! its aakash , thanks for the great work bro ! well , i was just interested in knowing is that source code working fine ? i mean can you really make kitkat or lollipop outta that …sorry i know its too early to ask but give it shot ! all the best and thanx bro !

    • Hey Aakash ! The source code didn't worked, i even tried log cats of S5+ but ended up in boot loop. Only Karbonn can provide Source code.

  • Ansh Magotra

    hello brother
    i've just found new cwm recovery for titanium s5+ working great
    here is the link

  • Anonymous

    Hi, its me, rjt.rockx.
    Thanks for relieving me from my burden … But, there is an error you have made. Karbonn has rebranded Coolpad's phone, not the other way around. Edit that soon.
    Can you make a few Kitkat or Lollipop ROMs for our device ? Jelly Bean is starting to feel quite outdated compared to Lollipop. I would prefer the Carbon ROM to be ported, but it is up to your wish.
    And, about your ROM, I have a few questions.
    a. Is it a pure Android L ROM or is it a themed ROM which you say you will be releasing pretty soon?
    b. If it isn't, which I am 75% sure of, when can you get on with building real Android Lollipop ROMs ?
    c. Will we be stuck on Jelly Bean ROMs forever or is someone going to release an update for this device ? — Sorry, but I am a bit frustrated for having been denied access to many apps that require Kitkat at the least.
    d. Just a new UI won't change anything, you need an updated base. Apps that need Kitkat or Lollipop to function or atleast install, will not install on themed Jelly Bean ROMs, will they ? — Sorry for the frustration again.
    e. Don't the Note 3 Apps require a stylus or a pen atleast to function at their fullest ? You could have taken the Base ROM from Samsung Galaxy S5 or something. — A doubt which occured to me on seeing the stylus pen next to the note 3 pic you put here.
    f. Could you create CyanogenMod ROMs or OmniROMs for all Karbonn devices ? Then, other budding ROM developers (like me) would have a stable base to work upon.
    g. I have an article here that I would like you to mention about in your blog. On your permission to do so, I shall upload my article online and you can then feature it on your blog. It is about the Easy Magic TWRP, CWM and PhilZ Recovery Installer for Mediatek devices.
    h. Another thing, I wanted to tell sorry. I couldn't generate the recoveries for all Karbonn devices through these installers. I had too many errors on my computer, the Blue Screen of Death being one of them. The generated recoveries would be corrupted in the process.

    Well, having said all these, I hope you aren't angry at me being skeptical at your work here. It is definitely great to see some ROM developers working hard here, but I just felt that I needed to clarify my doubts. Keep up the good work !

    • Hey Rjit,
      The Android L rom is themed rom but i have extracted the Nexus 6 Launcher for this rom which makes it completely looks like Android L. Talking about the Kitkat update, this is not possible until i get Kernel source code of Titanium S5+. I tried contacting few Karbonn officials for source code but the answer was a 'Big No!'.
      The note 3 ROM doesn't have any pen support as the pen support requires advanced sensors in display which can sense the movement of S-Pen. Building a cyanogenmod is not possible for Titanium but if many users request in cyanogen forum there are chances for development. I know about that article i will post it soon. I'm not at all angry about anything you said as you are my blog viewer & its my kind of duty to listen to honest viewers. I would have posted L rom but a S9 user insisted for a video of that rom. So, the video will be ready by tomorrow. There is bit delay in providing roms to everyone just because of my university exams. But still i try to get some time for blog. Hope to see you again. Have a good day !

    • Anonymous

      Hi, it's me again.

      Well, thanks for replying.

      About the Kitkat ROM, I am developing one. It goes by the name of CarbonForKarbonn and, as the name indicates, it is based on the Carbon ROM. There are many errors, but since I get too busy these days, I can't fix them all. I am uploading it now, so if possible, can you fix those errors ? It stands at 526 mb, and has a lot of tweaks added to it. It also has the Android L boot animation. I'll get you the link to it soon.

      Karbonn officials are people who don't do much, they just rebrand some Coolpad phones, install some crappy apps in them and then sell them. No updates, no source code releases, no proper after sales service, nothing. I got to know the hard way.

      Well, nice ROM you have created. For the Camera bug, have you tried replacing the library files (like libcamalgo.so or something ?) For OTG support, you could use StickMount by ChainFire. That enables any device to mount external storage sticks, provided you have a USB OTG cable.

      See ya later.

    • Anonymous

      Hey, it's rjt.
      Here is the link : http://tr.im/CarbonForKarbonnv1
      Try fixing it, please.
      Thanks in advance !

    • Hey Rjit,
      Does this rom boots in Titanium S5+? Ya i tried all the stuffs for fixing camera bug.

    • Anonymous

      It's me again.
      To your question, no, it doesn't boot. If you use the META-INF files of Xperia ROM v2, it flashes perfectly, bot gets stuck in a bootloop. By the way, I got something you'd like… The Mediatek MT6582 Kitkat Kernel source code ! https://github.com/kashifmin/MT6582-KK-KERNEL ! Use this and start development ! I can't access it, as github is blocked on bsnl, but if you can, build some ROMs for us using this. Please !?!

    • Hey Rjit,
      Thanks for the source code. I hope this works for S5+ . If it works well, it would be a great help and could even lead to Cyanogenmod developments. I'll try my best. Keep visiting !

    • Anonymous

      Hey, it's me, … blah blah, blah, tired of introducing myself. I'll make it short.
      Build ROMs soon. I'll keep visiting. I have exams right now, so I'll be busy for another month. I'll contribute a bit in ROM development soon after that.
      By the way, my name is R-J-T. Actually that is my nickname. I'm pretty sure the letter "I" does not come in it.
      See ya … blah blah blah ..

    • Anonymous

      Another thing I forgot to mention.
      Can you port Firefox OS ?
      It is easy, but I don't have Ubuntu.
      Damn, I totally need to get a new computer.

    • Anonymous

      hey , please
      tell is it possible ,to support for otg in karbonn titanium s5 plus . if yes
      then please tell the way , how …how

  • Anonymous

    what about android L rom….?????? 😕