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After picking up Pebble and Vector, two prominent brands in the smartwatch space Fitbit, the fitness tracking behemoth recently confirmed that its first smartwatch would be delayed till sometime in Fall. The company has not given an exact release date window in the first place. In an interview with Financial Times, Fitbit CEO, James Park told that the company is on track and would indeed be releasing the smartwatch later this year.

Giving a few more details, he stated that the device will be focused more on the endurance rather than features like LTE support. The smartwatch would be waterproof and would also pack an unspecified array of biometric sensors. Instead of an LTE radio, the Fitbit smartwatch would include an accurate GPS tracker.

Apart from this, Mr Park did not detail about the software Fitbit would be putting on the smartwatch. Currently, it is unclear whether the company is building it own OS or leveraging Pebble’s existing PebbleOS and improving upon it or would it go for some other solution entirely.

We should be getting more information on Fitbit’s smartwatch as we approach its launch window. Hopefully, the company will produce a robust smartwatch with a decent price-tag.

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