How to find if your iPhone is Genuine or not
How to find if your iPhone is Genuine or not

Buying an iPhone was an important decision in the past, it used to be a luxury, only the rich could afford. Back then, it was just a status symbol. Now, the picture has changed iPhone now means much more, it’s a trend that has proved itself in terms of features and performance. So, with the growing demand for iPhone, the chance of people getting duped by getting a clone iPhone rather than a genuine one from Chinese websites or eBay has also increased.

Getting conned for the cost of an iPhone is some serious matter, it’s nearly the cost of a kidney transplant. Today, I’ll share with you some basic things to check while purchasing an iPhone from unofficial stores or how to check if the refurbished iPhone you bought recently, is genuine or not.

How to check if your iPhone is Genuine

Verifying Hardware Aspects

Verifying iPhone Hardware to check if it's fake or not
Verifying iPhone’s Hardware to check if it’s fake or not
  1. Screws: Jokes apart, Apple being the industry giant uses it’s own kind of pentalobe screws having five pointed edges unlike most screws having four or six edges. Only two screws are visible on each side of the charging point of every iPhone/iPad, so you need to demonstrate some real detective skills.
  2. Apple logo: The Apple logo on the back panel of every apple device has a distinct texture as compared to the rest of the housing, even then the transition is very smooth if you rub your finger over it. Most of the fake iPhones either have stickers or have bad finishing of the logo edges.
  3. IMEI number: An original iPhone will have it’s IMEI number on the lower backside, quite lower! Where as a fake iPhone will mostly not have the IMEI mentioned on the back and even if it is present, this info would be at nearly double the distance from the charging jack

Verifying Software Aspects

Verifying iPhone’s Software to know if it’s Fake or real.
  1. Serial number: In present world every gadget has it’s unique serial number that can be verified online. Apple has been one of the pioneer in this innovation, you can always note down the serial number found under “Settings> General> About”, then you need to verify the same by reaching out to “”. Only a genuine Apple device will reflect the relevant details.
  2. Icons: Apple has invested heavily on the UI and the results are mesmerizing and very detailed. The fake iPhone may never have even the glimpse of such artwork. A few examples are notable as The clock icon has real-time moving arms corresponding to the current timing. The mobile signal indicator is itself a work of art, whenever you turn off the airplane mode on an iPhone notice the airplane taking off.
  3. iTunes: Connecting your phone to your PC or Mac and trying to sync with iTunes will always reveal the impostor as iTunes knows it all.

P.S. Most of the above clues may be able to help you with an iPad or an iPod too.

I hope the above info will come in handy to whoever is willing to purchase an iPhone in the future. If you guys paid attention, you are as good a buyer for iPhone as your mother is for vegetables.