Samsung’s Bixby Voice, after around a month of its global debut, has now officially arrived in India. Samsung suffered more than just a few hiccups in the global rollout of the promising AI and announced it only a day ahead of the Galaxy Note 8 launch. However, it is only now that it is available in India.

Bixby is just Samsung first baby step in the heated race of an AI assistant dominated by Google Assistant and Siri. With Bixby, Samsung envisions a future where voice can replace touch. Bixby can do a lot of navigation and function related to the interface of the smartphone, something that even Assistant or Siri can’t right now.

Bixby has three main modes. One of them is Voce commands. The new entrant prides itself of understanding natural language and precisely executing requested tasks. The Indian version has been polished and tailored to fit local Indian accents so Bixby won’t have issues making sense of Indian user’s orders. Right now, just the Galaxy S8/S8+ and the Galaxy Note 8 can run Bixby, something that will be a huge roadblock for the AI’s future development.

Bixby also has Vision and Reminders mode. Essentially, Bixby Vision identifies products via the camera. Simply point the camera to the product and you will get details of the product. Although the mode is not perfect, it is something unique in Bixby’s locker. It can even translate languages from the camera.

Then we have Bixby Reminder. This is pretty much what it seems to be. This allows users to set reminders and meetings with Bixby Voice. The function can also be accessed by swiping right from the home screen.

Let us know what you think about Bixby. Do you think it can stand up to Google Assistant or replace it? Don’t forget to comment below.