Facebook has been trying to compete in the video space for a long time ever since the video platforms like Netflix and Hulu and Amazon Prime have started to take some healthy revenue share and the company is trying its level-best to take some majority revenue from the videos as well due to its large userbase. Facebook just recently launched the video service on its platform which was seen as a direct competition to Youtube. The only difference here is that Youtube pays its users for uploading content while Facebook doesn’t so users are skeptical to upload content on Facebook.

Now, we have been getting reports that Facebook is trying to compete with some original content providers apart from TV like Amazon Prime, Netflix and Hulu which produce their own content and upload them on their platform. Facebook is about to join in this race with its very own original content and it may be launched as soon as next month.

According to sources, Facebook is about to release around a dozen original shows later this month. They’ve been segregated into two distinct categories: the first being a marquee tier which includes long-form TV-like content ranging between 30-minutes or more per episode. This will be quite similar to existing ‘episodic’ content and also have a larger production budget. The low tier, on the other hand, will be more inclined towards YouTube-type short-form content — which has already found a home on the platform. These short videos will run for 5-10 minutes in length, will have a much smaller budget and release almost daily.

Other reports suggest that the company is also planning to launch a Virtual Reality dating show on its platform to bring the Gen-X and Gen-Z younger generation users moving to different platforms. We will let you know more on this in the coming days.

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