Essential FIH-PM1_leak
Is this our first glimpse at the Essential FIH-PM1

We have been hearing whispers about Andy Rubin working on a new smartphone via a company called Essential. The co-founder and former CEO of Android Inc. has taken to Twitter quite often to detail this upcoming venture of his. The handset has been teased earlier by Rubin himself in March and then surfaced a month later on GFXBench.

Now the bezel-less handset (from speculated leaks and teases) has apparently got a reveal date, May 30th. This information only came recently in the form of Andy tweeting about Essential now having its own Twitter handle,

Whence, the Essential handle tweeted,

Our obvious thoughts are that these tweets allude to the teased handset, that is unless the company is working on other products as well.

From what we know till now, the handset is expected to be a premium device with minimalist bezels and with a modular component system. This will work through a proprietary magnetic connector that is also capable of charging the battery. The handset is rumoured to house a display larger than the 5.5-inch panel found on the iPhone 7 Plus. Built with a metal chassis featuring a ceramic back the Essential is building up a lot of expectations and hype. The pricing is expected to be inline with premium Android handsets and the iPhone.

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