Essential Phone

The Essential Phone was one of the most expected devices of 2017. It was due to the very fact that it was built by the creator of Android, Andy Rubin. It was one of the first smartphone to sport a bezel-less display and brought with it interesting choices like no branding and ceramic build.

However, the Essential Phone hasn’t performed well. A couple of days back, we had reported that the company has managed to sell just 5,000 units since launch. This is mainly due to the camera which performed out-right bad. Even though a few updates added HDR mode and improved the speed of the camera, it still wasn’t up to the mark. Well today, the smartphone is getting a huge performance boost in the camera department.

The update comes with build number NMI81C and Essential asks the user to update the camera app from the Google Play Store. The update brings several improvements. The details are down below:

  • Boosted capture speed in regular and low light to below one second (over 40% faster)
  • Improved brightness and performance in l0w-light
  • Improved spacial sound when shooting in 360-degree mode (supported on the device and on Facebook and YouTube)
  • Ability to use up and down keys as shutter buttons in 360-degree mode
  • Countdown timer when in 360-degree camera mode
  • Bug fixes and overall reliability improvements
Further, the company also claims that it is working on more updates that will focus on improving HDR, add a Portrait and a Pro mode and support live 360-degree streaming onto Facebook and Periscope.
It is really impressive to see that Essential is working hard to improve their device. Being a first generation product, it is not surprising to see such problems. Hopefully, Essential learns from it’s mistakes and builds an Essential Phone 2 which can truly compete with other flagship smartphones.