LeTv LeEco Stock ROM firmware
LeTv (LeEco) Stock firmware

Le is the smartphone brand of LeTV, an interactive platform for entertainment databases that provides movies, animations, news and lifestyle information etc. The company also makes set-top boxes and smart TVs. Le became one of the Chinese smartphone makers to arrive on Indian shores, after the company announced its entry into the country in 2015. You can download Official LeTV (LeEco) Stock ROM for Indian & International version. Don’t flash any of this ROM in US LeTv/LeEco devices.

Note: If you want use to mirror any file on any Cloud service, you can comment below & we’ll try to upload the file within 24 hours.

LeTV (LeEco) Official Stock ROM & USB Drivers

LeTV (LeEco) Le 1 X600 Stock ROM:

LeTv le 1 Stock ROM Download
LeTv le 1 Stock ROM Download
  • Country: Global
  • Size: 949.23MB
  • Software version: 5.8.015S X600 (Marshmallow)
  • Release Date:2016-07-06
  • How to Install: Refer bottom guide.

Download Le 1 Stock ROM: Download | USB Drivers

LeTV (LeEco) Le 1S X500 – X507 Stock ROM:

Le 1S Stock ROM download Official
Le 1S Stock ROM download Official
  • Country: Global
  • Size: 954MB
  • Software version: 5.8.015S X500 (Marshmallow)
  • Release Date:2016-07-06
  • How to Install: Refer bottom guide.

Download Le 1S Stock ROM: Download | USB Drivers

LeTV (LeEco) Le 1 Pro X800 Stock ROM:

LeTv Le 1 Pro Stock ROM Download
LeTv Le 1 Pro Stock ROM Download
  • Country: Global
  • Size: 1.01GB
  • Software version: 5.8.015S X800 (Marshmallow)
  • Release Date:2016-07-06
  • How to Install: Refer bottom guide.

Download Le 1 Pro Stock ROM: Download | USB Drivers

LeTV (LeEco) Le Max X900 Stock ROM:

Letv LeMax Stock ROM Download
Letv LeMax Stock ROM Download
  • Country: Global
  • Size: 1.1GB
  • Software version: 5.8.016S X900 (Marshmallow)
  • Release Date:2016-04-14
  • How to Install: Refer bottom guide.

Download Le Max Stock ROM: Download | USB Drivers

LeTV (LeEco) Le 2 (Mediatek) Stock ROM:

LeTv Le 2 Stock ROM
LeTv Le 2 Stock ROM
  • Country: Global
  • Size: 1.72GB
  • Software version: 5.8.018S (Marshmallow)
  • Release Date:2016-10-11
  • How to Install: Refer bottom guide.

Download Le 2 MTK Stock ROM: Download | USB Drivers

LeTV (LeEco) Le 2 (Qualcomm) Stock ROM:

LeTv Le 2 Qualcomm Stock ROM & Drivers
LeTv Le 2 Qualcomm Stock ROM & Drivers
  • Country: Global
  • Size: 1.73GB
  • Software version: 5.8.018S (Marshmallow)
  • Release Date:2016-10-11
  • How to Install: Refer bottom guide.

Download Le 2 Qualcomm Stock ROM: Download | USB Drivers

LeTV (LeEco) Le 2 Pro Stock ROM:

LeTV Le 2 Pro Stock ROM
LeTV Le 2 Pro Stock ROM
  • Country: Global
  • Size: 1.74GB
  • Software version: 5.8.018S (Marshmallow)
  • Release Date:2016-10-03
  • How to Install: Refer bottom guide.

Download Le 2 Pro Stock ROM: Download | USB Drivers

LeTV (LeEco) Le 2 Max Stock ROM:

LeTv ( LeEco) Le 2 Max Stock ROM download
LeTv Le 2 Max Stock ROM
  • Country: Global
  • Size: 1.68GB
  • Software version: 5.8.018S (Marshmallow)
  • Release Date:2016-10-11
  • How to Install: Refer bottom guide.

Download Le 2 Max Stock ROM: Download  Mirror | USB Drivers

LeTV (LeEco) Le 3 Pro Stock ROM:

LeEco Le 3 Pro Stock ROM
LeEco Le 3 Pro Stock ROM
  • Coming Soon

Download Le 2 Max Stock ROM: Download  Mirror | USB Drivers

How to install LeTv Stock ROMs:

Method 1: From File manager:

Step 1: Download the multilingual EUI ROM.

Step 2: Rename the zip file as update.zip, and copy it to the root directory of Internal storage.

Step 3: Open the “File Manager” and click the firmware “update.zip” to upgrade firmware. Click “Update”

Method 2: From Recovery:

Step 1: Copy firmware “update.zip” to the root directory of the SD card.

Step 2: Shutdown your device, Press the Volume+ key and the Power button at the same time, wait until the screen wakes ,it will enter into the upgrade mode.

Step 3: Finally, a picture, select the downloaded zip file. Wait for the upgrade is complete, reboot into the system.

Last updated on: Oct 24, 2016 @ 10:14 pm


  1. HI Brothers,
    I need official ROM for english version for LeEco Le Pro 3? Can someone help me with this?
    I have chinese ROM

  2. Do these ROMs come with LTE support?
    When I originally received my LeTv 1s X500, it didn’t.
    So I downloaded and flashed a new ROM on my device from XDA which had a modem with support for LTE bands. If these ROMs do not support LTE, I’d rather stay on my current ROM. But if they do, I’d like to upgrade very hard!

  3. Hello i have a question. i have the le max2 x820 can i put android 7 in this phone? and if i can where i will find the official rom for this phone? Thanks a lot

  4. Many thanks for this. I have downloaded the file on my mac…. but… I have no idea what I should transfer into my LeTv Max One, many files … in the file 🙂
    Thank you for helping

    • Just transfer the downloaded zip file in your device’s internal storage & goto Stock recovery & flash zip file.

  5. Hi! I have a Letv Le Max X900 version of android 5.0.2 ,version of EUI 5.0.003s. i think is chinese. I rooted the phone with IRoot and have TWRP from it. Can i flash latest version from here with TWRP? Is there something else should i do first, or just reboot into recovery and install the new rom. Thanx in advance to anyone who answers me.

  6. I put the update.zip into phone, press vol+ and power button, so a image with legends: Update and erase information, so i pressed update the phone release a bar, restart but still with the version 5.5.011 (stable), so did clikc on zip image, update, restart and still with the same version, what are I doing wrong?, please help me!!. I´m tired of uninstall apk with malware auto installed!!!

  7. Very good job ! This ROM run perfectly
    Bud, many italians need italian language …
    It’s possible to have ?
    Tank you

  8. Please…my le x820 can’t on…restart and recovery also restart after i flash rom 17s….how can i repair for to open recovery and change the rom?

  9. Thank you very much for the 6.0 X600 update!! It works really good! If someone has not successfully installed the update then i can help you.

    • after updating my camera is not working and also volume bar appers on screen randomly
      please suggest the solution

  10. Is there any Update for Lex Max Pro x910? Im still using 5.6 EUI. Or is there any way i can root this rom? Can i flash Le max 2 rom? Since they have the same Chipset?

    • Ola Fernando eu preciso da tua ajuda eu comprei o LETV LE MAX 900 e nao vei com a lingua portuguesa podia me esplicar como instalar ? thank

  11. Hi,
    I upgraded my Letv X500 last month to 5.8.015S version. After that, 02 weeks ago, i have a system update and updated to 5.8.017S. But due to this update, i am facing some issues as my emails notifications are not working and GPS also not working.
    What can i do?
    Is it possible to downgrade to 5.8.015S version? If yes, then what is the procedure? And also can i do it using USB flash drive in recovery mode?


    • I’m facing notifications issues too with my Le X620 5.8.017S version. But not only email, with most applications.

  12. Hi , I got a leeco 2 pro from gear best on Aug 18th.it has no update app and eui is 5.6.082 . is it safe to try your 5.8 update and what is the safest way to install without bricking phone

  13. Hello i have the indian ROM versian and i did every thing you mentioned here but when the phone goes to recovery , appears a chinese software

  14. Hola amigos, tengo un letv 1s x500 versión china, venía ya con la EUI 5.5008S estable, sin “system update app”, como puedo actualizar a 5.8017S estable, se puede pasar directamente o es necesario pasar por la 5.010s, 11s, 13s, 14s etc.. por favor ayúdenme no se que hacer gracias.

  15. Hi Im from indonesia, im using letv le one pro x800, I think I get the chinese version, because this rom doesn’t have google play store and international language. Did you know where I can get official rom Global for my Letv x800? And how to install it? Thanks for your help guys. Nice work

  16. Hello, my phone letv leeco le 2 pro X620: i am locking for a multilanguage Rom that work in Germany, i don t know wich Version is my phone INDY CHINA Honkong or US , i asked the us Support and thei answer it no exist a US Version . can you sai me what over That? thank you carlo

  17. Hello, thanks for the rom. I have LeTV Max 1, Chinese version, using mac computer. How to I install the global rom on my LeTV Max 1? I have already downloaded the rom on my Mac

  18. hello! i installed rom for Leeco 2 pro using twrp. After installation process got completed, it restarted the phone showing the logo and some chinese characters. below its written: Orange state. Your phone has been unlocked and cant be trusted. Your devices will boot in 5 sec…. and nothing happens. I thought maybe i had to wait a little bit longer. bt after 20 mins i realized its just got stuck….
    Also, i tried to run recovery mode by holding vol up+power button, but it shows the recovery logo and then restarts…
    Please help! I dont know what to do

  19. Hi on x800 when pressed upgrade on update.zip. After few sec updating stops with error corrupted file can I get help how to update ? At the moment I have 09

  20. Tenho um Lemax2 e estou com dificuldade pra passar ele pro português BR,está todo em inglês. Esse ROM não funcionou no meu. Tem outro?

  21. can you please add a category of x800 us version rom?
    so we can chack here for updates.
    the last official rom is EUI 5.5.011 (stable)

  22. Boa tarde tenho um Letv eco x800 com Android 5.0 e gostaria de atualizar para a versão mais recente pq não consigo faze – lo.

    • Olá caro br, provavelmente comprou por alguma importadora chinesa e, alem de não aparecer a opção de atualizar, você também deve estar tendo aplicativos instalando do nada e umas janelas abrindo no chrome, os famosos malwares, pra corrigir isso você vai ter que instalar essa ROM aqui (https://docs.google.com/uc?export=download&confirm=vD3e&id=0B9s5NUf528GlWlE2cjFZcmt4Z1U) usando o método do recovery proposto acima. A ROM é muito mais estável, vem com mais aplicativos nativos uteis (como um APP de música capaz de tirar todo o proveito do DAC hifi e do dolby) e nao tem malwares! Mas não possui Português, só inglês, francês, espanhol e outros idiomas orientais, porém recomendo muito que atualize (Fonte: Letv US)

      • Poderia me ajudar, eu tive um problema com hard Brick, consegui solucionar mesmo eu instalando essa rom, a rede de operadora nao funciona e nem a camera traseira

  23. Hello , can you please tell me that is it necessary to root my letv le 1s X507 TO make that update.zip to work?

    • No, BUT YOU NEED TO KNOW IF THIS ONEs ISN’T THE US VERSION, because if u do this in your US version, it will brick your smart

  24. Can you help me with x800. my phone is restarting. i cant get to pinguin or to place where it says flash or clear data.

    But problem is that i cant put update to internal SD. cant connect to computer as DISK

  25. Hi, i have used given firmware, considering India perceptive, but still all language & mainly ” Live” application shows Chinese… there is no change in earlier original Chinese version & latest downloaded.

    can you guide how to use this effectively as per India environment.

  26. Hi , I got a leeco 2 pro from gear best on Aug 18th.it has no update app and eui is 5.6.082 . is it safe to try your 5.8 update and what is the safest way to install without bricking phone or am I better to leave it as is,????

      • same error… twrp recovery is also not working for X509.. please can you provide a link for this ROM update for Leeco Letv 1S X509

    • Hi , I got a leeco 2 pro from gearbest on Aug 18th.it has no update app and eui is 5.6.082s . is it safe to try your 5.8 update and what is the safest way to install without bricking phone or am I better to leave it as is,????

  27. I have Letv 1s x500 and I am on Lollipop 5.5.007S. Can I directly flash marshmallow 5.8.015S via stock recovery or I need first to flash the last lollipop 5.5.013S?

  28. I have a 5.5.011S version installed by default on my letv one pro x800 US version.
    I have tried to install version on this website but it gives the following error “Causes: Corrupted file”.
    I have also tried with us version. Same error. “Causes: Corrupted file”. Anyone has some idea what is happening this?

  29. Please Anyone Help me!!!!!!!!!

    Iam Having Le 2 (x526) Indian version

    I rooted the phone and installed twrp recovery and then i unrooted to get ota updates
    but ota update is not installing even after unroot and factory reset..





    • same problem
      but in coolpad note form developers are given fully details for flashing stock rom and update procedure in forum
      in letv not like that helping. in face book also? letv only selling the product in india? after sales service also not promt each job sheet takes 20 to 30 days time for solving

    • hey was just reading this thread and i saw this.. iv had this problem with my old moto g 1st gen.. what i could say is try and go back to the stock recovery that should solve your problem :).. hope this helps you guys. twrp normally dosent let you update

    • hey was just readind this thread and i saw this.. iv had this problem with my old moto g 1st gen.. what i caould say is try and go back to the stock recovery that should solve your problem :).. hope this helps you guys

  30. Already install on my x900 and have mixd kangue, china and english, any chance to get Polish langue ?
    And how to remove china langue and others app ?

  31. Hello! I have a x501 and i want to update it with your rom … please tell me is this rom with google play and with greek language ???

  32. I have Letv Lemax (India).
    I want to update into Marsh Mallow..
    How do i do that. Please help..

    Please provide me direct link for Stock ROM (English)..

  33. Hi, I have x509 model from India. Can I install x507 ROM in this or any other suggestion. My phone is restarting to recovery and asking for update.zip. No debugging ticked. How to update?

  34. I’ve flash ROM for X600 and keyboard is missing after flash then I do factory restore but Google Play Store is gone. How I recover google play store

  35. Hi, I installed the rom for the X620 from this site and now the camera is not working, it says its being used by another app, I have tried to delete cache, restore factory settings, reflshing but its not working, please help, please

  36. Is this official ROM from Leeco? Will we got some ota updates later after installed this rom?
    I don’t why my system updates doesn’t show anything ( your version is up to date) even the version of my firmware is older than this one here..

    • This firmware has only English & Chinese language. Yes, you’ll receive OTA updates after installing it. Updates come out first in China then in other countries.

      • Yeah I got an update today in my Le 2 Pro, before update it was 5.8.015S now it is 5.8.016S (Release time: 08-01-2016). I’m wondering if you know the changelog could please describe it here, because in my phone the changelog only written in chinese

  37. como puedo conseguir la recovery.img del leTv l2 x620? no la encuentro dentro de la rom descargada, y tengo el TWRP

  38. I’m using Le 1S, X507 India . The phone is stock and has never been rooted. But when I’m trying to install the ROM, get the same error as few others – Signature error. What could be the reason

  39. I am on x507. Not rooted ever. No custom recovery. On 12S update. But when I flash this it says signature error. Help.

  40. I am on x507. Not rooted ever. No custom recovery. On 14S update. But when I flash this it says signature error. Help.

  41. Im trying to upgrade new version in Letv 1s X507 in file manager procedure and Im getting error message as Failed to Update. Cause: error with signature. Can any one help me out on this issue

  42. Bonjour
    J’ai acheté letv le 2 x620 avec la rom mondiale multilangues comme le français, l’arabe, le portugais…. basée sur EUI 5.6. Je voulais mettre à jour pour passer à EUI 5.8 mais dès que je procède avec le firware que j’ai téléchargé sur devs-lab.com on m’écrit update failed, causes signature. Comment faire ? Ou encore comment revenir à la rom anglais et chinois seulement?

  43. can anyone tell how to rectify the “MD5_not_found” issue when we install MIUI 7 custom recovery on letv le 1s.


  44. Hi, Devs-Lab Staff, I have purchased a Leeco Le 2 Pro X620 from China and I got some apps, if a download and process the firmware file from here, is it work in India, cause there is no system update app and others apps which are coming in other letv handsets which launched in India. Do i got all the apps and any other things which are coming in Indian letv handsets. Just need to confirm before download the firmware file.

  45. Finally i found a global rom LEECO LE MAX 2 X820, Include;
    or Mega
    Credits to STEVE_MARS, XDA-developments

    • first root your phone and install TWRP recovery and install it it will guarantee work.i tried it it was successful.actually in letv recovery signatur verification is compulsary necessary.for TWRP its not needed

  46. Hi,

    I’m using Le 1S, X507 India purchase. The phone is stock and has never been rooted. But when I’m trying to install the ROM, get the same error as few others – Signature error. What could be the reason

  47. By team.I update my le x620 on eui 5.8 after update I see internet connection problem.I have good 4g internet connection all applications work fine but Facebook app and google playstore not connect.gmail and messengers also not connect when try to connect connection not good try again its big problem plz solve

  48. I bought LE MAX X900 from china. I received update on 13-04-2016. My phone has a lot of Chinese aspects in it. What should I do?

  49. Compré un Letv Le Max X900 a través de eBay. Viene con idioma español. El teléfono trabaja a la perfección!, pero no se puede actualizar a android 6.0 automáticamente (OTA). Es posible actualizarlo con esta Rom que usted ha lanzado?. Funcionará sin ningún daño posterior, mediante el gestor de archivos?. Muchas gracias.

    • No sugeriría que pueda actualizar su dispositivo si necesita idioma español en el mismo. Esta ROM tiene solamente Inglés y lenguas chinas .

      • Aprecio su ayuda incondicional. Entonces lo tendré tal y como lo adquirí. Agradezco sinceramente su respuesta.

  50. The global ROM leeco LE MAX 2 15s contains spanish, i downloaded 14s global, but is not contains SPANISH…, i hope your answer ,thanks…!

  51. I can’t open any browser in my letv le 1 pro, it can’t open several dirty pages and other tabs. The camera sometimes put a red shadow on the photos. Can you help me? Please

  52. sooo, on the original rom i rooted my x800 with iroot and the twrp recovery installed by it self. now i upgraded to this new rom for x800 and now its unrooted and i can’t root it with anything. i need to root it to remove bloatware apps… help?

  53. hi i have le2 x520 and i installed yor global rom from yor site and installed correctly but no language other than chinese and english and you told that it have multilanguage and how can i install google play services correctly

  54. I got a chinese version of Le eco LE 2 X820 , if i download the rom from here , will it work as per India specific requirement

  55. please help me.i have leeco le 2 x620.i i instaled your rom 5.8.015s and the phon want boot up and i can not enter recovery mod it jus frizes on when i turn it on it shows on screen leeco logo and says your phone will booth in 5 secunds and it can stay all day like that nothing hapens.i can instal another rom on it because i can enter recovery.can you send me kernel source code for it or tell me the way to restore old rom or some program to help me?than you wery much

  56. my phone is not rooted.does it have to be rooted to get the update??or will it work with the stock recovery??

    • There’s no official news for 5.8 update but if you are good with English/Chinese language, you can flash the update directly! 🙂

  57. can u plz provide .img file for le 2 x620 so i can flash from fastboot as i tried to flash on a rooted phone and now i cant acess my recovery

  58. can you plz provide .img file for le2 mtk version too so that i can flash via fastboot as i cannot enter twrp aftr flashing new rom on a rooted device

  59. Hi , I bought letv max 2 x820 from china, want to use in India.. can you please suggest which rom will suitable for this model.. is this ROM is original as of company provided ??

  60. Alguien sabe don puedo conseguir la ROM 2 multilanguaje para el LE MAX que contenga español, me vino con una stock rom que contenía español y sin las apps chinas, pero le rootié, me dio problemas y toco regresar a una STOCK ROM, pero no tiene ingles, y la verdad las apps chinas ya me tienenmamado, agradecería

  61. El LeEco Le2 Mediatek pone global, pero cuando esta instalado solo sale en idioma Ingles y Chino, como puedo ponerlo en Español? La Rom solo se instala automaticamente sin opcion de cambiar de idioma ni al instalarlo ni cuando esta instalado.

  62. I have Letv le1 Pro I think which is US version. When I try to update from the version provided here i tried the File manager procedure as well as recovery mode. Unfortunately it says the upgrade failed with the message “File corrupted”. Any Idea what to do further to update. Lot of bugs in the mobile which I bought from Aliexpress random apps getting g installed as well. Camera socks.

  63. Hi team. I am using LeEco Le Max 2 X820 32gb with chinese stock ROM and i got 14s via ota and i update it, so i am using 14s chinese ROM. So can i update 14s global ROM on my device. Please reply me. Thanks.

  64. Hi, I have downloaded and updated my girlfriends le 2 x620 with the rom provided here, its says global rom here but there are no other languages except of english and chinese, is it possible to update to multilingual? Thank you.

  65. Hi, i want India Specific Custom rom for Le max 2 mobile(snapdragon).. can you please guide which rom & how to install

    • Hi Where can I download Indian Version of Stock rom for Le Max-2.

      Chinese version having call drops in Reliance JIO network.
      Cant register LeEco online services.

  66. Hi guys.
    Do you know how can I revert to stock recovery on leeco le2 x520 Qualcomm version? I’m on twrp recovery and would like to update from 14s to 15s via ota. I have downloaded stock 14s rom from you, but can’t see recovery image in it. Do you have separately somewhere? Thanks.

  67. hello , i have Le eco Max 2 x820. If i update the global stock rom , will it have the ota updates of leeco? it came with a multilingual version from the site i bought it with no update option . Global version has only english and chinese

  68. Hello Dev-Labs, I am happy to have stock Roms here for LETV X800. I just want to confirm few things before i proceed to update my phone with this 5.5.013S X800 available here.

    I have bought my letv le1 pro 64gb (CE0560 ) US version with EUI 5.5.011S from Gearbest.
    I see that Youtube app is continuosly crashing and unable to set color mode for dispaly in X800.

    I have read in most sites that when any user tries to update his US( International) version of X800 – CE0560 ,with the Chinese update ROM , his phone gets bricked

    Here i see the file size you mentioned is 1.01GB , the same size as of the chinese 13S ROM mentioned here in this link
    [external link removed] and release dates of both the versions are same – 2016-04-14.

    Now please confirm whether both the ROMs are the same? Are the uploaded one by you is a different one Exclusively for International version of X800 ( CE0560).

      • Please understand there are 2 types of phones for LETV X800 released

        1. Chinese version ( some matter written in chinese on back pannel at the bottom)
        2. International Version ( mentioned as CE0560 on the back panel)

        As both are same it is not an international version, It is a chinese version ROM with International language support which supports only Chinese version Letv X800.

        Would like to inform you that if this stock ROM is installed on International Version phone it is getting bricked. So i request you to please release the correct one for International Version and rename the stock ROM mentioned on this page as Chinese Instead of Global.

        Waiting for your response

        • No! You can install ROM from here in your US device. If you are not sure, take a backup of your system before doing anything. Read the comments below, people have updated their device using this ROM. I pretty sure, people flashing this ROM might be doing something wrong. We are here to help you in anyway possible. Don’t worry!

          • No where in the comments does it say anywhere that anyone has successfully installed this Firmware on any US device.

  69. Installed latest update on my LeTV (LeEco) Le 2 Max 820 64GB. But the above update is global version and lot of Chine application is there. Not able to register LeEco Live because only +86 numbers can register this service.

    Can I get update for later release of Indian version.

  70. i have letv le1 pro 64gb (CE0560 ) US version .EUI 5.5.011S . i have got last week from gearbest. no root .on twrp.
    it is o.k to update to your “5.5.013S X800” rom via file maneger ?
    my phone wil be o.k ? no brick risk ?

        • Hi, i also have US version of this phone, please let me know if you updated succcessfully using this rom. Thank you.

        • “le1 pro 64gb (CE0560 ) version .EUI 5.5.011S”

          Is the mark “CE0560” on the back cover promises that ןא ןד “us version” and I can update your rom?

      • Hello,

        You are all very nice to say not to upgrade the X800 phone (CE0560) with this ROM, but no one says where to find the latest ROM for X800 International Version.

        You could put a comment to the download button “Only for Chinese version” and provide a link for people who have the international version.

        I have the international version of X800 (CE0560)

        Thank you

  71. Hola acabo de comprar un LeEco Le2 pro con mediatek, por lo poco que entiendo de inglés, llego a la conclusión que para tener la rom internacional solo tengo la opción de rootear el terminal y poner la rom que hay aquí o otra de terceros?

    • No es necesario a raíz de su dispositivo para instalar la ROM Internacional . Simplemente saca el archivo zip de recuperación de la población . ¡Eso es! Espero que entienda esto, ya que estoy usando el traductor de Google

  72. i have twrp recovery installed in my letv x507 , iam not able to update new rom via recovery ,any solution . (without going back to stock recovery)

  73. Hi, I got LeEco Le 2 X520 32GB ROM unit bought from Aliexpress.com. The seller help to install playstore.
    But after checking the storage in the setting menu, it mentioned that the 32GB is formatted to 29.12GB, Used = 24.40GB and Available storage is only 4.72GB.
    I connected phone to PC and from file explorer, it shows up as X520 phone icon, internal storage is 7.74 GB and only 4.72 GB is free.
    What happen to my internal storage space? Anyone encounter this storage issue too?

    • Looks like you got a defected device. I strongly suggest you to report the issue to AliExpress rather than trying to fix it by yourself. Since you have bought the device recently, it is still under warranty!

  74. Buenas, el LeTV (Leeco) Le 2 (Mediatek) de la ROM dice que es global, pero al instalarlo, está en Ingles y Chino. De qué manera puedo ponerlo a español?

    • Durante la instalación de la ROM , se pregunta por el lenguaje dispositivo preferido . ¿Qué idioma seleccionado ?

      • Durante la instalacion de la Rom solo se instala la Rom, no pregunta que idioma quiero. Alguna solucion para ponerlo Español?

      • I got this error message: Failed to update. Cause: Corrupted.

        I try re-download the zip file but same error message I got. Any idea what is the problem?

      • Le 1 Pro, EUI 5.5.011S does not have OTA updates this phone has OTA disabled and all EUI us roms have a different bootloader on the phone. this is why your information is not correct LeEco\ Letv have advised as well not to install their originial firmware on any US designated device as it will hardbrick the device.

        • Letv has released latest Indian version stock ROM for X900, which will be quite easy for developers to generate X800 ROM as both the phones run on same hardware except few modifications – ( fingerprint, back camera, battery capacity, screen size). Indian version is an international version and is different from Chinese version. I doubt if we can directly install stock ROM of X900 in X800 without any modifications. Please comment

  75. i plan to order LETV one MAX (X900) from China but im not sure if i order from China. My phone (x900) will install the new inter ROM or not? Could you please to help confirm. Thank you so much

    ps: i will order from aliexpress

  76. Boa tarde. Acabei de comprar um Letv Le 2 e ainda não recebi o item. Estou pesquisando sobre o aparelho e cheguei aqui no site. Eu solicitei o vendedor que ja enviasse com o protugues.
    Essas ROMS aqui do site elas sevem para o que?

    • Basicamente, se você acabar torcendo seu dispositivo ou deseja realizar uma nova instalação do sistema operacional da ; você pode usar o da ROM dado aqui . Todos os ROMs dadas aqui são de versão global e contém todos os idiomas.

      • Friend just got my LeTV L2. He’s all right with Portuguese menu and android 6.0, EUI 5.6.014S (Stable). What will change if I install the ROM available here on the site?
        I can only receive new updates to install the ROM here the site?

      • Friend unfortunately just installing this ROM here’s website for LeTV LE 2 and the menu was pessimo, all in English even selecting the Portuguese Brazil. Before using the ROM’s website everything was perfect, now all the menus were in English. I’m disappointed with that. How do I return?

          • Please help me in any way possible. I am unable to use the phone.

            Note: there is some email lay i can send you screen prints with the message that appears when I try to use other ROM from other sites?

  77. HI im owning a LeEco Le 1s and its model is Le X509.I have wifi connectivity issue …kindly suggest me a solution to overcome..whether can i install any one of these ROM

    • Install Le 1s Stock ROM & check if the wifi is working. If it doesn’t work, contact nearby service centre.

  78. does this update solves the youtube problems in the LeTV (LeEco) Le 1 Pro, now sold by Aliexpress retailers, thanks.

  79. Hi, I would really need help here. I own a LeEco Le2 with a custom ROM wich was installed buy the seller and it really sucks. Lot of bugs and lot of problems. I think the version is 13S, wich is pretty bad. I would like to install the stock ROM, but the problem is that I’m new into android (i was an iOS user). Could you please help me with this? Thanks, Isaac.

      • Hi, thanks for a quick answer. Do I download the file straight to the phone? Or I do it through the pc? I may sound stupid…but I’m new in this android world…

        • Any of the method will work. It’s like transferring file to device. You download directly or transfer it from PC.

          • Hi again, and thanks for the help! The phone now works perfectly and it flies!! No bugs, no problems at all! Only thing is that the ROM doesn’t have spanish language, but it doesn’t matter. For me the most important is that runs the OS perfectly. Thanks again!

  80. I have the model 64 pro, with 1 gig of ram, rom and 4 I tried anything to be able to do the root, kingroot, oneclickroot, and other root genius, 2 or 3 iroot, who can’t remember the name, but they tell me all, impossible to make the root device hard to entrench etc, if I can put it without the exhaust 5.5.013 s version now that I have root permissions? my and 5.5.011 ‘s multilanguage with factory play store

      • Ho tutto l’occorrente, adb, driver per Android, per Windows 10,ma niente riesce a fare il root, se riavvio dopo il pinguino ? mi dice cancella cache ma appena premo non funziona, lo stesso per update.zip clicco e da errore,malgrado lo smartphone viene riconosciuto nel prompt dei comandi, può essere che nessuna app riesca a ruotare questo modello letv le 1pro?

        • Il tuo ricostituzione degli stock potrebbe essersi danneggiato. recupero magazzino Flash ( Troverete nel file zip ) dalla modalità fastboot .

          • Quando faccio il recupero fastboot, con la presa USB, apre il prompt ma no succede niente, solo che appare nella finestra che il telefono è messo

            • Il telefono funziona non è morto, come ti ho detto non c’è possibilità di fare un Aggiornamento ne online, perché non ho il tasto update, ne manuale, spiegami una cosa se scarico la versione cinese/inglese e faccio il procedimento con update. Zip pensi che dovrebbe funzionare e ritornare come se non fosse la versione us?

  81. Hello ,

    I got a chinese version of Le eco LE 2 X620 , if i download the rom from here , is it a english version because my phone has too many chinese apps .

    • Delete all the Chinese Apps & change the language to English. As Le doesn’t provide specific ROM for each country, you’ll get some Chinese Apps pre-installed. Same happens with Lenovo devices.

  82. I think I’ve been infected with the famed adware which is imposible to delete. O’ve read that flashing the devide is the only way to delete the adware.

    I’ve a LeEco Le 2 Pro x620. I’m from Spain. I need the stock room with Spanish languaje included.

    In your post I read:

    Country: CN (China) & FN
    Size: 1.49GB
    Software version: 5.6.014S
    Release Date:2016-05-26
    How to Install: Refer bottom guide.

    I don’t know the meaning of “FN” so I don’t know if this mean that include other countries like Spain and Spanish language.

  83. My letv le 2×620 had semi briked can i found any way to flash stock rom with out tow method on the post pleas

  84. Hi team I just got an update for le max x900 OTA..EUI 5.5.0 14S. Could you please update the above download list .

  85. i am having x507 and am unable to have access to computer(win7) even after using adbdriver and enabling USB debugging on mobile – kindly help

    • Check if your device is shown in device manager. If you can’t find your device in device manager, use different USB cable. If any of this solution doesn’t work, contact LE Customer.

    • You need to format the current OS i.e 14S then flash old 13S. I won’t suggest you to do anything as you are new to Android, you might end you bricking your device.

  86. I am on x507. Not rooted ever. No custom recovery. On 12S update. But when I flash this it says signature error. Help.

    • Perform a normal OTA & see if it throws the same error. If the issue still remains, contact Le support.

  87. Thanks. My LETV 1S X500 works fine after update and it was very easy an very fast, about two minutes.
    I’ll use it some time and see all the features and comment.

  88. Does this work on rooted x507. If not, then how to unroot it. I used kingroot to root the phone and used the kingroot to unroot it but it says the “phone has been rooted” during update.

    • You might face signature issues after rooting. Make sure to return to stock recovery & non-rooted version before installing any of this ROM.

  89. Im trying to upgrade new version in Letv 1s X507 in file manager procedure and Im getting error message as Failed to Update. Cause: error with signature. Can any one help me out on this issue

  90. I am having LE MAX and tried the File manager procedure. Unfortunately it says the upgrade failed with the message “File corrupted”. Any idea of how to get about this one?