Android Xposed Framework and Installer for 5.0, 5.1, 6.0, 6.0.1
Android Xposed Framework and Installer

Xposed is one of the most beloved tools an Android enthusiast can have, as it allows for all sorts of modifications to extend the functionality of our favorite devices. If you don’t like getting your hands dirty by compiling & decompiling different System files, then Xposed Installer is the perfect App for you. You can perform all the changes to your choice in just few clicks. Xposed is an essential app required to run various different Xposed Modules to add extra functionality to your Android device such as Changing Statusbar Icons like Xperia,iOS, Greenify or any other.

Few users didn’t update their device to Android Marshmallow as Xposed Framework was not available for Android M after the launch of Android Marshmallow. Its been a while now, since Xposed Installer is available for Android M. Without wasting much time, lets get started. This guide works with Android Lollipop too. After Android Kitkat, one cannot install Xposed directly in their device. Due to too many restrictions & updated from Android Lollipop, Xposed was installed in parts. First we need to flash the Framework which hooks into the system & then the installer that uses the Framework to change system files.

For Samsung devices: Xposed for Samsung Lollipop & Marshmallow.


  1. You must have a Rooted Smartphone: How to root any Android device in one click.
  2. A Custom Recovery like TWRP/CWM: CWM for Mediatek | Nexus | Motorola.
  3. (Optional) Backup all your data & Apps before flashing the Xposed framework file to avoid data in case anything goes wrong or your device doesn’t boot up.

Download Xposed Framework and Xposed Installer

Android Lollipop (5.0/5.1)

Xposed Framework and Installer for Android Lollipop
Xposed Framework and Installer for Android Lollipop

ARM (32-bit):5.0 | 5.1
ARM64 (64-bit):5.0 | 5.1
x86 (Intel devices)5.0 | 5.1

Systemless Xposed: How to install Systemless Xposed (Receive OTA).

Android Marshmallow (6.0/6.0.1)

Xposed Framework and Installer for Android Marshmallow
Xposed Framework and Installer for Android Marshmallow
ARM (32-bit):6.0/6.0.1
ARM64 (64-bit):6.0/6.0.1
x86 (Intel devices)6.0/6.0.1

Android Nougat (7.0+): Xposed Framework and Installer

Xposed Framework Uninstaller

If your device doesn’t boot after Installing Xposed framework, Install this framework remover zip & everything will be fine.
Xposed Uninstaller: Download

Xposed Installer APK

Xposed APK acts a middle man between Xposed Framework & Xposed modules. It allows the modules to makes changes to the system files using the Xposed framework.

  1. Normal Xposed APK: Download
  2. Material design (UnOfficial): Download

Note: Devs-Lab won’t be responsible for anything happening to your device during this process. You will be solely responsible for anything happening to your device as you have decided to make this modifications to your device. If you are unaware about Rooting and customising system files, please do some research. Read: What is Rooting, Recoveries & Custom ROMs.

How to install Xposed Framework in Android Marshmallow & Lollipop

Step 1. Download the given files at the end of the post & transfer it in your Internal memory/SDcard.

Step 2. Now Switch off your device. Press & hold the necessary key combinations (Mostly it is Volup+Power button or Volup+Voldown+Power) for devices having hardware keys, the key combination is mostly Volup+home+Power button to boot into Recovery mode.

Installing Xposed Framework in Android M through TWRP
Installing Xposed Framework in Android M through TWRP

Step 3. After booting into recovery mode, Goto Install zip from SDcard (in CWM) or Install (in TWRP) & locate the Xposed framework file that you transferred in your device.

Step 4. Select the zip & Install. Wait for the Installation to complete. Now, Wipe Dalvik & System cache. Reboot your device.

Step 5. You will now have to install the Xposed framework APK on your Android device. Using a file manager, navigate to the location where you had saved the APK and install it. If you get an error saying “Unknown installations blocked” similar to below image, Just Goto Settings App > Security > Enable Unknown sources. Now install the Xposed app.

Android Unknown Sources
Android Unknown Sources

Step 6. To check if everything is done perfectly, launch Xposed App & goto Framework. It would show app_process and Xposed Bridge with some no. below Active.

Also Read:

Xposed FAQ’s

Bootloops on Samsung stock ROMs:

That’s due to Samsung’s changes to ART. There are unofficial builds that work around this by deodexing and adjusting the ROM. Refer our other guide about installing Xposed in Samsung devices.

Error in some Sony devices:

Sony seems to have shipped some ROMs with corrupted services.odex (the embedded .dex is invalid). Those ROMs will bootloop with a “Fatal signal 6” or “No pending exception expected: java.lang.ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException” error.

Dell ships (at least) their Venue 8 7840 with a non-standard version of ART that is somewhere between 5.1 and 6.0 which obviously isn’t supported by Xposed

What about other Android version before 4.0.3?

There’s an unofficial version for Android 4.0.3 & below, you can it from here.

Will it work for my device?

There’s no answer for this question as it might work or might not. As Xposed Framework was built for AOSP framework with 0 customization done to the ROM. However it should work with any ROM which is not too much changed. Only answer is, just try it! Most of the time it works.

Thanks to XDA’s rovo89 for his awesome work in Xposed Installer for Android devices. If you found any issues while installing the zip file. You can ask us in the comment section below. If after flashing the zip file, your device doesn’t boot, Install Xposed framework remover zip from above link. If after installing zip, Xposed is not working, Install different zip file from (ARM,ARM64 & x86).

  • Long Nguyen

    I’m using Nox Player on PC with Android 4.4.2 kitkat. Is it possible to use this for pokemon go?

  • May I know your device’s name & the zip file you flashed? This mostly happens when you flash different files that are not meant for your device’s hardware.

  • suresh

    how to revert from twrp to cwm on asus zenfone 2 laser ze550kl…

  • Carl Canada please help me My device is running on Android 6 arm64 but after i installed and flash those zip framework, My modules are not working.

  • You just need to install the APK & allow root access to the app. That’s it!

    • ThisNoobNeedsHelp

      okay thank you. i downloaded the xposed installer, when i opemed app the app it says ” There seem to be a known issue (Samsung TouchWiz ROM).. , it also says ” No matching ZIP found” but when i clicked om it, it only has a guide for marshmallow/lollipop.

      • Did you grant root permission to the Xposed app?

        • ThisNoobNeedsHelp

          i uninstalled the xposed that i downloaded and got the one from repo.xposed, when i installed it SU game me the option to ‘give permission’ i updated it from there and got it running. thank u!

  • demc

    when we can get xposed for intel x86-64?

  • Did you try the ROM before installing Xposed? Looks like some ROM issue.

  • BenX BenX

    need xposed arm for N

    • The source code of Android N is still not released. We expect Xposed for Android N once the source code is released.

  • Moneeb

    I have Oppo Neo7 phone but I am unable to install Xposed frame work, I have installed Xposed Installer.
    But when I install xposed frameword from recovery mode, it tells that it is not installed, please help me to get rid of this situation.

  • JPmccraft

    I have Samsung Galaxy Tab A 8.0 armv7, will it work?

  • Gimo


    Thanks for sharing this…

    I use MIUI on Xiaomi Redmi Note 2 and I have found the following description for it:
    *MIUI 6/7/8 BASED ON Android 5.0.X only
    Installation of the xposed framework:
    1. Install XposedInstaller_3.0_alpha4.apk (
    2. Flash this pacakge using custom recovery (twrp/ cwm):
    3. Flash this package using custom recovery (twrp/ cwm):
    4. Reboot

    My questions are:
    – Is there enough to do Wipe Dalvik & System cache? So it means that I will not lose any data?
    – Do you know why it is difference from your description? – What is it and why it is needed?

    Thank you in advance for your help!

  • Markus Cope

    Xposed v86 sdk 23 does not work with newest kernel any more:(

  • Chiranjeevi

    How can i install or update xposed installer in gionee f103 it not happen plzx help me

    • As Gionee F103 runs Android 5.0+ version, you must use the above method to install Xposed in your device.

  • Cyanogen

    What xpose work on samsung j500h marshmallow?please

  • Installed on my galaxy note 4. Thanks!

  • Umesh

    Very neat information

  • Piyush

    I have Redmi 2prime … it says download latest zip from XDA and flash it manually via recovery… What can I do ?

  • Dhepil

    I use redmi note 2 prime with custom rom stallionmod miui 8, 5.0.2 lollipop
    I already install magisk and work well to play pokemon go, but i try install systemless xposed, and i got bootloop after installer flash framework, (
    Is there any solution for me to install systemless xposed in my redmi note 2?

  • Kenneth

    How can I install the xposed framework on my Xperia Z3c with Android 6.0.1 D5833? Is there any problem? The last time that I do this was about 3 years ago and now I need help.

  • Gawain

    Hello, I’m a bit confused in the Step 4. By wiping Dalvik and System Cache you mean Dalvik and System or Dalvik and Cache? These are the options I get. Thanks in advance

    • Kludge

      Dalvik and Cache only!

  • a

    How can I xposed my Sony Xperia c 3

  • pandu

    I dont seem to understand the new exposed framework module’s

  • Earl John

    How can i know if my Android device is Arm32,64, or x86

  • Rairai

    Can i install? Thru my cellphone only? Because i dont have a computer laptop or desktop?

    • Kludge

      Thru cellphone. Recovery needed and file explorer.

  • ridzaries

    Hey.. My fon is sony experia c3.. How can i get the hack of pokemon go on my fone?

  • Doobie

    Help me with my Sony Xperia Z2. Tenks

  • Make sure Aroma File Manager already installed in you device before you installing the framework

  • Aazam

    I have yureka AO5510 cm 13 6.0.1 xposed framework v86 arm64 busybox installed but reboot failed

    sush:[5]: /data/user/0/
    xposed:not found

    Reboot failed: Please use the device’s normal reboot

  • Zeeshan

    Can it works on MIUI 8 Mi 5?

  • vitbak

    I installed Xposed – I installed LPThermer but no changes occur in the phone.

    • Devs-Lab Staff

      LPThemer might not work with some devices. Try some other module to check.

  • vitbak

    Root is correct in my S7.
    I install Xposed framework but unfortunately can not be seen to be installed – no apk in the phone memory to continue the installation.
    What is the reason and what to do

  • Ryan

    Wiko highway star 4g andrioid 5.1.what exposed can i used ? .help me

  • zafer

    I installed on zenfone 5 – cwm 13.. thank you sir!

  • Rey

    I’ve tried to flash it using CWM,,,, but nothing seems to work. I have a S.ony Xperia ZR phone running Lolipop 5.1.1. can anybody help me ?

  • Herry Pratama Juhana

    I have installed the zip and the apk. But the framework is not active yet.
    I usinh cm 13 MM Xiaomi Redmi Note 3 SD.
    Ang issues?

  • Pratham

    I am trying to install this via adb. Temporary CWM. Does it need an unlocked bootloader?

  • rvda

    i can’t seem to get my phone to boot up into recovery mode, its an LG k7 , it boots up into safe mode. any idea or other way to make it enter recovery mode?

  • HenryQuack

    Does anyone know if you can get Xposed framework on Nexus 7, and if so could someone teach me their ways? I’d greatly appreciate it.

  • Ray

    I have a T-Mobile Samsung note 3 with ARMv7 – TouchWiz – Lollipop. I couldn’t find on this article how to install Xposed

  • NeedHelp

    Help ! I did everything correctly but in the end i always get bootloop when i install the framework via recovery, i even did wipe-dalvik, Pls help me !!
    I got a samsung galaxy s5 5.0.
    Yes i downloaded the latest zip file in arm-32 bit, Pls help me Devs-lab !!

  • Number1

    I have samsung galaxy s5 5.0 and i installed the 32 bit i download the latest zip file when i go to recovery mode and go to install (yes i have team win) and i installed that latest version it was a succes but when i reboot my device its always in a boot loop i did the wipe dalvik thing but it happends the same thing pls help me… (sorry for bad english )

    • hans

      Downloads xposed uninstaller

  • TheOneAndOnly

    It says when i installed xposed framework the 85 one it says it needs a update…
    Can you maybe give me a link for version 86 ??

  • ChuckDiesel

    I have a galaxy s6 arm64 rooted with odin. When I download file and try to install it, it has a problem parsing the package. I’ve done everything even sent it to my Google drive. Same thing.

  • Jamil

    Hi, I do every thing, but when it’s reboot the phone stock at the Samsung s7 edge logo

    • Devs-Lab Staff

      Please read carefully! There’s a separate guide for Samsung devices.

      • Giancarlo Apellaniz

        Same here… My note 4 stuck on samsung logo! What can i do???

  • Atul

    Can this Xposed work on Redmi Note 4G on Custom Rom CM 13?

    • Devs-Lab Staff


  • Bhuvan

    I have a redmi 2….i installed the xposed file but cannot activate it…..can this tuto work on my phone?

  • Achyut

    Will it work for Sony Xperia T2 Ultra Dual??

    • Devs-Lab Staff

      Not sure

  • gvriel

    Help me framework for himax Y10 please

  • Dominic

    How do I find out which link I download for my phone in arm64 and sdk22


    what is ARM32 and ARM64

    • Devs-Lab Staff

      32-bit & 64-bit!

      • VISHWA

        how to know either my phone is 32 or 64-bit.

        • Devs-Lab Staff

          Depends on your device’s processor. You can find it on some site which shows your device’s specifications.

  • Line

    Hi and sorry if you already say that :/
    I have a Samsung S4 with 6.0.1 but not a rom stock. Should I follow this tuto ?
    Thank you !

    • Devs-Lab Staff

      If you are on any AOSP based ROM, you must follow this or else the other guide.

  • gautam

    Is this method suitable for asus zenfone5?
    And which zip file is to flashed?
    Help pls

    • Devs-Lab Staff

      Yes! You need to flash x86 zip.

  • Jaime Cucalon

    OK I did this method on my samsung s7 and it wont boot up. i tried using the uninstaller but it didnt worked. HEELP

    • Devs-Lab Staff

      Please read the post correctly. There’s a different method for Samsung devices.

  • Tsipfi

    I note edge rooted. fy variant.
    I tried to install xposed but when I open the app I get the message.the xposed cannot support your version 23 processor armeabi-v7a.
    Any update?

    • Devs-Lab Staff

      Please read the post. It says, for Samsung devices there’s a different method. You’ll find the link at the top.

  • gerald

    How can i install framework on my note 4 marsmallow? armv7

  • Hadi

    xposed samsung galaxy s5???

  • Ramdas

    Which will work for samsung j500f marshmallow? Please inform my eamil is

    [email protected].

    Pls dont ignore.

    • Devs-Lab Staff

      ARM64 6.0 Xposed Framework

  • Ashok Roy

    HI I want to install expose framework for my Moto G2 – any link you can share will be great

  • pierre

    I use 6.0.1, after install the arm64 zip, my s6 is stuck with a black screen. For fix it, i had to use the uninstaller but how can i install the framework?

    • Devs-Lab Staff

      Please read the post carefully. Just flash the uninstaller zip from recovery like any other normal zip file.

  • SatanMgMg

    Which file i should i download for my redmi note 4g with cm13 marshmallow?

  • ray

    booted to recovery mode installed the .zip and then cleared cache and rebooted , now it’s stuck on black screen and blue light flashing on and off.

    is the phone fucked ?

    Samsung s5 neo

    • Devs-Lab Staff

      Why can’t people read the article first. There’s a different xposed version for Samsung devices. First uninstall the Xposed Framework using the uninstaller zip then read the article again.

      • Mike

        Hey, sorry I didnt read the first steps as I was brought here from a link where the person was using an s6. How do i uninstall when I am having the same issues as the guy above.

        • Devs-Lab Staff

          You can find that too, in below steps.

  • Ryan

    Hi, i have a Samsung galaxy s6 edge and i should use the 64 bit 1. Hoever it bootloops me, any ideas on how i can get it to work?

  • rajesh

    Gionee f103 not xposed framework installer help me WhatsApp no 9050049329

  • apurav

    Which file to choose for moto e 1 gen running cm 13 ,I’m confused between arm (32) bit SDK 23 x85 or x76?

  • ammy

    It does not work in my Sony ericsson lt18i

  • Adam


    I followed your instructions (using TWRP), but when I rebooted (or try to turn on) my phone (Samsung S6), it just doesn’t turn on. The blue notification LED and ‘Samsung S6, Powered by Android’ bit comes up, then goes black and doesn’t boot.

    I can uninstall the .zip using the uninstall file, but I really want to have xposed.

    Anyone know what my problem is?

    • Devs-Lab Staff

      As I have said, there’s different Xposed for Samsung devices. You can find the link in first para. Anyways, here’s link Samsung Xposed

  • Lala

    I’ve followed the other tutorial for samsung
    Mine is gt i9300 and it appears to have a problem with the framework (isn’t compatible with SDK v 23…)
    Is there any way to get it run ?
    Thanks 🙂

    • Devs-Lab Staff

      Which Android version you are running? Which Platform (ARM/ARM64) you tried flashing? You can see bucib running Xposed framework properly in i9300.

  • Jay

    Thank you, Great article, Just flashed my ASUS Zenfone 2 With Xposed framework running Custom CM13 & Android 6.0.1 !!!

  • fsnmoon

    Galaxy s6 SM G920R4 andrioid 6.0..what exposed can i used ? .help me

    • Devs-Lab Staff


  • philip

    Am using an infinix x510.which xposed should i use

  • Syrinx

    Thanks for the guide, I will try it as soon as possible. But first I have a question: I am using a Samsung Tablet 2 10.1 with CM 13 and custom recovery. Should I use the a samsung specific xposed zip or the one given here?

    • Devs-Lab Staff

      Given here. As you have changed the OS to CM, you can consider your device as stock Android device like Nexus devices.

      • Syrinx

        Makes sense. But although I did everything as described, it still says my device was not supported after opening the afterwards installed apk. I flashed the zip through the external SD BTW, did this make any difference?

        • Devs-Lab Staff

          May I know which zip file you have flashed?

          • Syrinx

            Sure, I took xposed-v85-sdk23-arm zipped as it is, since it was recommended as the most common one.

  • Hehehe

    Asus zenfone 2 laser (ze500kl) .6.1..what exposed can i used ? .help me .

    • Devs-Lab Staff

      ARM64 (sdk23) Xposed version.

  • ND

    I have a nexus 6 device on CM13.0 20160402 nightly build. I downloaded v85 arm (32bit). tried above steps using TWRP. When I launched xposed app, and entered the framework menu, it says – not compatible with SDK 23 or your processor architecture armeabiv7a, and below that not found.

    so I uninstalled the app, as well as uninstalled the framework and tried a version 79 arm (32bit). still ran into same issues.

    I even tried a 64bit installation, got a error that its compatible with my platform (device is 32bit), so I couldn’t flash it.

    • Devs-Lab Staff

      Nexus 6 is a 32-bit device. Some MM devices are creating issues with Xposed.

  • art123

    Does this work for Asus Zenfone 2 Laser ZE550KL marshmallow upgrade ??
    Please tell… if possible please share a method for rooting ze550kl marshmallow too !!
    thanks in advance, & keep up the good work…

    • Devs-Lab Staff

      We’ll soon share a complete procedure. Btw yeah, this will work in any Marshmallow device.

  • Walt

    Nexus 6 running stock 6.0.1, rooted with later TWRP. Which version should flash? I’ve tried 3 different ones, but got an error each time. Thanks in advance.

    • Devs-Lab Staff

      6.0.1 64-bit

    • Glock

      Is the error saying “short write”? If so, it’s because you do not have enough space in your system partition. Marshmallow uses nearly all of it. You have to remove some unused apps from the system partition and free up at least 10 MB.

  • Julillo

    after installing on my LG G3 , turning on my phone says the message ” ui unfortunately the system has stopped ” because I happen?

    • Devs-Lab Staff

      Flash the uninstaller zip.

  • krishna

    Which gapps package should I download for Cm 13 note 3 please help me

    • Devs-Lab Staff


  • sheikmom

    Not work in moto g2 xt1069 official marshmallow

  • DoVeR

    LG Stylo Metro. MM 6.01. Under framework in installer states Xposed is not supported for android sdk version 23 or my processor architecture is not (armeabi-v7a) compatible.

    Firmware itself seemed to flash without issue.

    Am i beat?

  • Eypsilon

    Xposed Installer says: Xposed is not supported for android sdk version 23 or my processor architecture is not (armeabi-v7a) compatible.

    I also tried to install/flash the framework manually for android SDK 23 Manually (

    Sony Xperia Z3 D6603
    Root on MM 6.0.1

    • Devs-Lab Staff

      Xposed has issues with Sony devices.

  • Blank

    Will this work for Samsung Galaxy S7 on 6.0.1 ( SM-G935FD)?

  • Mallikarjun

    It says not compatible with your device

  • Roushan Ahmed

    Hey bro there are two file…one with zip.asc and the other one only ziz..soo which one should i flash i am using lenovo k3 note rooted with android 6.0 soo plz recommend me

    • Devs-Lab Staff

      .asc is not for flashing. Just flash this zip

  • Zakk

    It didn’t work for me i have a Samsung Note 3 with custom rom 6.0.1 ? Any help ? I flashed the zip but when i start the phone i don’t have the xposed app installed

    • Devs-Lab Staff

      Mate, after flashing the Xposed framework. You need to install Xposed APK after switching on your device. Now you’ll find the App. Have a good day tweaking! 🙂

  • Yogesh Asalkar

    which installer should i use for my moto x play???


    Is it working for samsung galaxy s6 edge running 6.0.1!

  • how can i make it work for samsung galaxy s6 edge sm-g95f with android 6.0.1 on?

  • enviro8

    Works on Lenovo K3 Note with MM VIBE 1605 Cuoco92 installed.


  • Mike

    It says it doesn’t support it. I’m using 6.0.1 and xposed app doesn’t say it worked. Are there any other compatible versions? Using S5 installing the 32bit arm

  • Mahendra

    It says can’t open file

    • Devs-Lab Staff

      Flash it using Custom Recovery. You might be trying it through Stock recovery.

  • Can this Xposed work on Galaxy S3 i9300 on Custom Rom CM 13?

    • Devs-Lab Staff

      Yup, it will work perfectly!

  • surendra singh

    Please create custom rom of ios 7 for micromax unite 2

    • Aman

      Haha. What? 😛

    • Njdan30

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