Xposed Framework for Samsung Lollipop Marshmallow

If you would have used Xposed in your Samsung devices, you might be familiar with random bootloops & force close after installing it. Samsung made a lot of changes to ART without providing the sources so official Xposed doesn’t provide any support for Samsung devices & clearly says, Xposed framework will cause bootloops in Samsung devices, you must try unofficial xposed builds meant for Samsung devices.

If you are new to Android rooting, you might have heard people saying the first they install after rooting their device is Xposed framework as it gives them freedom to customize system files without installing custom ROMs. In this guide, we’ll learn How to install Xposed framework in Samsung devices without bootloops & other errors. This Xposed supports all other Samsung devices (GS5, Note 4/5, GS6E, GS6E+…) running Touchwiz Android 5.1.1 and 6.0.

Now what exactly is Xposed framework? Xposed framework uses root access to directly access core Android resources and utilize them to run different modules on the device that bring new features to the OS. The potential here is virtually unlimited, and many developers have already started switching to it for delivering their mods. So, how do you get the framework on your device? For devices other then Samsung, you can follow this method: How to install Xposed framework & Installer. Now lets learn about installing Xposed in Samsung devices. We’ll install unofficial Xposed in Samsung devices. Now, this unofficial Xposed version does NOT break support for any other device supported by official Xposed, which means it still support all devices supported by the official one, this version adds Samsung and XZ compressed odexes support.

Disclaimer:  Please follow this guide at your own risk. Devs-Lab won’t be held responsible for any bricked devices. We have tested this method in some our devices & it works perfectly fine.


  1. You must have a Rooted Samsung Smartphone. (What is Rooting?).
  2. A Custom Recovery like TWRP/CWM.
  3. Stock (Odexed and Deodexed) 5.1/6.0 Roms
  4. (Optional) Backup all your data & Apps before flashing the Xposed framework file to avoid data in case anything goes wrong or your device doesn’t boot up.

How to install Xposed framework in Samsung devices

Step 1. After Android Kitkat, one cannot install Xposed directly i.e just an APK. You first need to flash the Xposed framework. Similarly, we first have to flash Xposed framework in our Lollipop/Marshmallow device.

Step 2. Download the given files at the end of the post & transfer it in your Internal memory/SDcard.

Step 3. Now Switch off your device. Press & hold the required key combinations. For devices having hardware keys, the key combination is mostly Volup+home+Power button to boot into Recovery mode.

Installing Xposed Framework in Android M through TWRP
Installing Xposed Framework in Android M through TWRP

Step 4. After booting into recovery mode, Goto Install zip from SDcard (in CWM) or Install (in TWRP) & locate the Xposed framework file that you transferred in your device.

Step 5. Select the zip & Install. Wait for the Installation to complete.

Step 6. Now, Wipe Dalvik & System cache. Reboot your device.

Step 7. You will now have to install the Xposed framework APK on your Android device. Using a file manager like ES File Explorer, navigate to the location where you had saved the APK and install it. If you get an error saying “Unknown installations blocked” similar to this:

Android Unknown Sources
Android Unknown Sources

Just Goto Settings App > Security > Enable Unknown sources. Now install the Xposed app.

Step 8. To check if everything is done perfectly, launch Xposed App & goto Framework. It would show app_process and Xposed Bridge with some no. below Active.

Download Xposed Framework for Samsung devices

For Android Marshmallow

  1. ARM: Download (devices that are running arm32 operating system like Galaxy S5, Note4 & others)
  2. ARM64: Download (devices that are running arm64 operating system like Galaxy S7/S6, Note5 and all their variants.)

For Android Lollipop 5.1.x

  1. ARM: Download (devices that are running arm32 operating system like Galaxy S5, Note4 & others)
  2. ARM64: Download (devices that are running arm64 operating system like Galaxy S7/S6, Note5 and all their variants.)

For Android Lollipop 5.0

For Android Lollipop 5.0, you first need to deodex your ROM. You can follow this procedure, to deodex your ROM. After this, you can flash the Xposed Framework files given below, make sure to flash the proper files depending on your smartphones processor (Snapdragon/Exynos).

  1. Snapdragon Xposed Framework: Download
  2. Exynos Xposed Framework: Download
  3. Xposed Framework Uninstaller for 5.0: Download

Android Nougat (7.0+): Xposed Framework and Installer

Don’t know what to choose? Don’t worry, it won’t break your device if you install a wrong one. If you install a wrong one, the installer will simply tell you that you should go with the other version.

Xposed Installer APK

Xposed installer app acts as a middle man between Xposed framework & xposed modules which manages all the system functions: Download

Xposed Framework uninstaller

If in case things didn’t go as mentioned & your device ends up in boot loop, you might require this zip file that will bring back your device status to previous state: Download

Checkout: Top 10 Xposed modules for Android L & M

Credits: wanam

If in case anything goes wrong & your device fails to boot up, always transfer Xposed framework uninstaller zip along with Xposed framework zip in your Internal storage. If anything goes wrong, Boot into recovery & flash the uninstaller. Everything will be back to normal. If you get any lag, broken feature or any App force closing, post your Xposed logs here

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  • Aamer Pathan

    Bro How to install xposed in j7

  • Rickz80

    Questions for the experts.
    I’m in Nougat 7 in my S6 Edge Plus. Currently I’m not using a rom, only a Launcher (Go Launcher).
    Can I install Xposed in my device?

    Other question. Is Gravity Box working fine already?


  • Flash Freeze

    Thanks Ajinkya. It worked on my Note 4. I was able to set Amplify app after I installed the Xposed Framework and APK. Prior to this, Amplify kept suggesting my phone wasn’t rooted (but it was).

    I thought my Note 4 was stuck in a boot loop with the Logo staying for lmuch onger than usual but it was actually a precursor to Android reoptimizing all my apps.

  • RunawaySheld123

    Can You Help Me My J5 2016 Is Bootloop When I Install Xposed

  • thenorthparkgroup

    any chance this works for Verizon Galaxy? All the forums I founds previous were from 2015. I’m hoping someone found a way to root.

    • If you have a rooted device, install the respective Xposed framework.

  • Diselle


    what to download for galaxy core prime SM-G360H?

  • ARM64 Android Marshmallow. Every comment goes through moderation to avoid spam, sorry for the delay.

  • ARM64 Android Marshmallow.

  • Install ARM64 Android Marshmallow.

  • ARM64 for Android Marshmallow.

  • Great to see you helping out others! 😉

  • Can you please try flashing this zip 87.0 & let me know the results.

  • Rafael Santos Pontes

    Hello, I’m having a big problem to installing Xposed. I own the Samsung model “SM-G903M” with Android 6.0.1 ROOTED. I have not found Custom Recovery (TWRP / CWM), I am trying to install through the “FlashFire” app. At the end of the process the following message is displayed:

    Failed /system could not be mounted.

    Thank you, I wish someone could help me!

  • Shivam Jha

    Which version should I download for galaxy J2? 32 bit or 64bit??

  • Khurshid Hoque

    Hey…i tried to flash the arm64 framework in my Samsung galaxy e500h running on android 5.1.1…but it showed error?. Can you please help

  • Khurshid Hoque

    Hi…I have a galaxy e500h running on android 5.1.1. Will it work fine without going into bootloop? Moreover which framework should I use?

  • Wahyu Pria Purnama

    thanks for information..
    very useful..

  • Geg Zaqaryan

    Hi I have some questions. When I flash the ARM64(which I think is the correct one) on my J5 2015 (J500-H) is Marshmallow I get Error 1. When I flas the ARM version, I get bootloops. Can you help me? I want Xposed on my phone.

    • Shivam Jha

      That simply means this version of xposed is not compatible with your phone

    • Khurshid Hoque

      Same problem…it showed error while flashing in samsung galaxy e5 too… Have you found any solution?

  • Velasco

    Thanks bro Now I have xposed on my Samsung Galaxy A7.6 with MM AndroidOs

  • Geoff Eakins

    Can’t get an option to install zip file when into recovery mode

  • For Android Kitkat & below, you only need to install Xposed installer apk & you’re done! There’s no need of installing any kind of framework.

  • 32-bit would work fine.

  • Please check the updated post. Thanks!

    • Dora

      Thank you for updating!
      I am not sure I understand the guide, I mean, what do I have to deodex? An app? A ROM? I would like to keep the stock one if possible.
      Sorry for the ten thousand questions! I really appreciate your guides, thank you so much for your help!

      • You need to deodex your ROM. It’s OK, its better to ask question rather ending up with a bricked phone. 🙂

  • 64-bit.

  • The 32-bit version will work fine.

  • It will surely work!

  • Our Pleasure!

  • It will work fine with n9005.

  • fatpo

    hi, work it by note3 sm-n9005 international stock lollipop 5.0 rom?

  • Yes you can. 🙂

  • ARM> 6.0.1 is the correct framework.

  • Lucas Harris

    Just want to say, successfully running exposed on a resurrection remix MM ROM, using this guide… although my i337m now thinks its an M919… Also worth noting, u can run i9505 ROMs on the i337 versions as well. Search XDA if you need to learn more…

  • ¡Alegra oírlo! Disfrute de Xposed, asegúrese de revisar los 10 mejores módulos Xposed aquí: Xposed modules

  • Install the file through TWRP Recovery. I won’t suggest flashing it from Flashify.

  • Links updated. Download the latest version (87.1). 🙂

  • Israel Mdna

    HI can someone please tell me if there’s a framework that works fine with my note 4 edge n915v armv7 5.0 lollipop? Thanks in advance sorry for the other comment I’m just getting used to this post site

    • This package would work just fine: Download. Don’t worry about multiple comments! Happy customizing! 😉

  • jLadd

    Smartphone: Samsung Note 3; ARMv7; Google Now launcher

    Downloaded ARM Xposed-v85.1-sdk22-custom-build-by-wanam-20160530.zip from article link
    Booted to recovery / TWRP and tried to install Framework from internal SD card
    Got “failed to verify zip” message
    Set launcher back to TOUCHWIZ, rebooted to verify active, power off, booted to TWRP
    Tried again to install from internal SD
    Got same “failed to verify…” message

    Anyone have a clue how to fix it–i.e., obtain a “not broken” Framework zip for the Note 3?

  • sallu

    I m using s5 g900h with marshmallow custom rom of s7. Will this process match for my g900h device?

  • Akshay Panchal

    I am using sm-j700f marshmallow… i dont know what is correct frame work zip for me…so plz guide me

    • As Galaxy J7 is powered by a 64-bit Processor, ARM64 (6.0.1) is the perfect zip file for your device! 🙂

  • zeeshanbrown

    Hey i have a note 3 version 5.0 Armv7…armeabi-v7a which files should i download to flash arm or X86??? Please help

  • John

    I have Dr.keatons s7 edge on my note 4 phone can I install this method of exposed on this setup ? Please help me out

    • Devs-Lab Staff

      Yup! 🙂

  • Abry

    Works for Galaxy Tab S2 8″ (2016)[SM-T713 Wifi]. Thanks!

  • Chymes

    Would it work on a custom Rom?

    • Devs-Lab Staff

      If you have installed any AOSP based ROM or any ROM other than Samsung ones, you must install Xposed using other method.

  • Denny

    Will this work on Galaxy s5 g900v? Running rooted marshmallow. Can I flag this via flashfire?

  • Ismael

    hi i have j500H M6.0.1 when i flased my mobile stuck at galaxy screen can you help me plz

    • Devs-Lab Staff

      May I know the zip file you flashed?

  • ryuzuki

    how to fix this verify signature error?? samsung s5 i cant flash the exposed
    tried downloading the file over again and it is still the same how to fix

    • Devs-Lab Staff

      Make sure you’re trying to install from TWRP recovery.Disable signature verification in TWRP recovery.

  • Mikko Lahtinen

    Im using ARMv7 processor rev 0 (v7l) samsung note 3, which one i should use?

  • Diabloaz

    T mobile note 4 using overdrive rom with armv7a, marshmallow 6.0.1. Any file for that config? The one downloaded above keeps me stuck at the Samsung screen. Thanks

  • BinhDT

    My SM-P555 v6.0.1 rooted + TWRP 3.0 when flash xposed-v85.1-sdk23-arm-custom-build-by-wanam-20160530.zip,can’t reboot normal, alway reboot to recovery. Can someone help me please. thanks so much

  • Mk

    What is meant by odexed and deodexed? And how do we get them?

    • Devs-Lab Staff

      Have a read here

  • Hlaing Bwar

    Please help me,
    My phone is rooted,
    Samsung galaxy A8 SM-A800I
    Marshmallaw 6.0.1 updated
    Please give me xpose framwork…thanks.

  • Dinesh Kumar Majhi

    is it going to be successful for samsung galaxy a7 sm-a700fd to flash?
    if yes,mail me.

  • zafar ali

    I need to install xposed framework on mu s4 i9515 plz help

  • Feldspath

    Tested with my gs4-mini (serranoltexx) with CM13, works perfectly.

  • Mix

    My device samsung note3(sm-n9005) (armv7l)armeabi-v7a.
    Which framework will work in my device?
    I hope I’ve provided you with enough information.
    Overall this tutorial is crystal clear and well covered, thanks for this!

  • Mix

    my device samsung Note3 N9005 armeabi-v7a. which framework will work in my device? L 5.0
    I hope I’ve provided you with enough information.
    Overall this tutorial is crystal clear and well covered, thanks for this!

  • Johny

    ARM download link are broken. please fix

  • PieDough

    I have a note 4 N910W8 with armv7 and marshmallow 6.0.1, Stock rom, rooted I’ve tried flashing “xposed-v85.1-sdk22-arm-custom-build-by-wanam-20160530” through twrp, but keeps getting stuck in Samsung logo afterwards, even wipe cache and dalvik.. What did I do wrong?

    • Garrett

      I have same exact problem

  • Sthetix

    THANKS! It WORKS for SM-G900H on Marshmallow.

    • Sthetix

      ** EDIT ** It does not work for SM-G900H on Marshmallow – sorry.

      • YolmarkProf

        It’s been working on my G900H pretty good so far.

  • Blue_guy

    Thx a lot man. (and for the other who replyes because of them i make and another try with “xposed-v85.1-sdk22-arm-custom-build-by-wanam-20160530”)

    Finally i used “xposed-v85.1-sdk22-arm-custom-build-by-wanam-20160530.zip” and WORKED. The other fails(“xposed-v86-sdk22-arm”)

  • Jesper Knud Dirach

    I have a galaxy s5 plus SM-G901F with armv7 and marshmallow 6.0.1 Stock rom rooted with cf-autoroot… I’ve tried with flashing sdk23-arm trough twrp, but keeps getting stuck in Samsung logo afterwards, even wipe cache and dalvik.. What do I do wrong?

  • tengkes

    im on note 3 with phronesis N5 roms running MM(6.0.1)..can it worked ?

  • Ken

    Thanks for the Xposed Framework was using xposed-v86-sdk23-arm64.zip but was causing my note 5 to bootloop then i used your xposed-v85.1-sdk23-arm64-custom-build-by-wanam-20160530

    Bootloop gone Xposed framework installed! The best 🙂

  • Hosseim

    Life saver!!
    Im in n910h 6.0.1, and was damn looking for the framework without causing boot loop, and thanks to you its solved. ???

  • xposed-v85.1-alt-sdk worked a treat for my n910f hangs on boot logo for about 4-5 mins tthen good to go 🙂

  • Johnny Rice

    Hi there, quick question. I have a Samsung S5 neo and according to my hardware info app this is the information on my processor: (AArch64) Instruction Sets armeabi-v7a, armeabi. I’m not sure which framework I should use, the ARM (as you do mention the S5 but not the S5 neo) or ARM64 (here you mention S6 and up). I hope I’ve provided you with enough information.
    Overall this tutorial is crystal clear and well covered, thanks for this!

    • Devs-Lab Staff

      Arm64! 🙂

  • Dans

    my device samsung j7 armeabi-v7a. which framework will work in my device? L 5.1.1

    • Devs-Lab Staff


  • Dheeraj Reddy

    mine s4 19500 whick one should i use

  • DownPath

    I am using the Galaxy s6 edge plus.

    after some tryes it worked perfectly, i reseted my phone, then i rooted it then i installet the twrp and then i installed the recomendet exposed file, after rebooting (about 15 min of the breathing screen, i almost gave up :D) i installed the apk, now it is working thank you!!!

    • Devs-Lab Staff

      Glad it worked! 🙂

  • Jerome

    I installed the wrong version of xposed android bootloop on samsung logo.
    So i transfer uninstaller with sd card and flash it with recovery mode but its Still booting on samsung logo
    Anne help ?

    • Devs-Lab Staff

      Reflash Xposed again & uninstall.

  • Yousif

    Does this work on gs5 sm-g900h running 6.0 ???

    Please answer

  • Naresh

    Guys Works Perfectly On Samsung j500f 2015( Updated Marshmallow) ….it takes time to boot may be 11 mins ..be patient …


  • Max

    Why will this not work on galaxy s5 neo (SM-G903W)??? Everytime I flash it just bricks…..

    • Devs-Lab Staff

      Bricks? Really?

  • Levi

    Does this work with SM-G900P? If so which version do I use ? I downloaded the one in the link but it wasnt compatible.

  • Jimmy

    I flashed on Galaxy Note 4 with rooted stock rom and TWRP. android 6.0.1 (910C)

    when the phone boots i get an array of force closes, (NFC, Clock, printspool.. etc etc)
    i tried the cache and dalvik wipe but didn’t work.

    Any suggestions?
    Thank you

  • Josh

    Samsung Galaxy S7 Canadian Model (SM-G930W8) with Marshmellow 6.0.1, 64 bit. Has anyone got Xposed installed and framework to work for it??? If so, where could I find the files needed? I already installed the Xposed app just need the zip to work, etc. Would send you compensation for your help! Need to get a feature working on phone for a disabled child and I’m new to this, thanks!

    I tried the 64 files for it but may have been just for 6.0 since it soft bricked and had Samsung logo for at least 30 minutes, so I luckily uninstalled to get phone back working. Too afraid to try again with expensive phone that doesn’t belong to me! (my brother’s)

  • Philip Medley


    901F Note 4; Had boot lock with suggest one however this one https://www.androidfilehost.com/?fid=24572330218881467 worked. 5mins on Samsung ‘breathe’ screen and BOOM! This was by far the easiest tutorial to follow. you MUSt have a recovery tool though and make sure the Xposed unistaller is in is unzipped form.


  • Speed Devil

    I have a Tmobile Note 5 marshmallow 6.0.1 rooted. I tried installing this but it will just get stuck in the tmobile screen, I waited for 15 minutes and nothing. Use the uninstaller and works fine? any other way I can make it work??

  • Maged

    Awesome it’s work with my Samsung J5 marshmallow …
    Thank you

  • ron

    having problems on galaxy s5 cant flash arm even the custom one ive tried to follow all of the methods but nothing is working plz help

    • Devs-Lab Staff

      This works perfectly fine with my Galaxy S5 device.

  • George

    Used the correct framework for 901F note4. Didnt work. Then used the Alternative mentioned in the comments. DID work! Thought the phone was stuck at SAMSUNG logo but that wasnt the case. Just had to wait 8 long minutes. Posting so others can see.

    • Devs-Lab Staff


  • Alex


    I’, having an issue at Step 3. When I’ve Switched off my phone; and tried to launch Recovery Mode; I’ve a message in red appearing: Cutsom binary blocked by FRP lock.
    Each time I try to boot this message appears.
    If i try to reach the recovery mode, I got the messsage: RECOVERY IS NOT SEANDROID ENFORCING; followed by: Cutsom binary blocked by FRP lock.

    Any idea how to fix it ?


  • remko

    i got a samsung s6 edge+
    SM-G928F which version do i need
    i did the xposed-v85.1-sdk23-arm64-custom-build-by-wanam-20160530 but that gives me a bootloop
    Custom Binary blocked by FRP Lock


    • Geoffrey

      Hi, I have the same model phone as yours and when I rooted it, I had to enable enable oem unlock in developer options. However, when you turn this back off and reboot the phone, it gives this binary blocked by FRP lock.

      Solution I found for this was to reflash the stock rom using ODIN and re-root the device but keep the enable oem unlock on in the developer options…

  • Julio

    I just succesfully flashed my Galaxy S5 ( SM-G900F ) running Lollipop 6.0.1 via TWRP . no bootloops or anything. thank you Dev-Labs , i was having issues with the official xposed framework but this worked perfectly fine!

  • De Bouwer

    I have a s5 plus g901f stock rom.
    It gets stuck in bootloop when installing this framework. the uninstaller works,.

    what can i do to get xposed framework to work .


    De Bouwer

  • Carlos

    I have a 6.0.1 Samsung Note 4 N910T and I tried to install the recommended Marshmallow framework for the Note 4 and it still boot loops. I’m not sure if I’m doing something wrong I already have the uninstaller so I fixed the bootloop problem. But I just want to know if any of these frameworks will actually work for my phone

    • Devs-Lab Staff

      Because of too many changes made by Samsung over Android, its hard to get Xposed working in it. You can try this framework file: Download. Let me know if you face any problem.

  • Mark

    I was wondering if you could help me too. I am running 6.0.1 on my n910f note 4. It is rooted and I have twrp all working fine. However whenever I try flashing xposed framework it get locked up it doesn’t even go into boot loop. It stays on the galaxy note 4 screen before the Samsung boot logo. I always end up having to restore from twrp. I am using the newest arm version from sdk23. This is my first time flashing this framework but I’ve never run into problems like this with rooting or even flashing roms. Any help would be great.

    • Devs-Lab Staff

      Try this framework Download

      • sky

        that worked thanks!!!!!!!!!

        • sky

          /\ note4 6.0.1 stock mod rom sprint

      • Asif

        This Worked.. Thank U soo Much!!!

    • Lesley

      Did the framework work? I’m having the same issues with my n910f note 4.

  • H

    Hi, I have an s4 mini with custom rom CM13, Which article do I use for xposed really confused

    • Devs-Lab Staff

      The other one.

  • jeanpierre

    I’ve downloaded xposed and now i’m stuck.
    it doesn’t boot up, after i did install it in TWRP and than pressed reboot.
    It doesn’t let me go in recovery mode also, and it won’t let me see my files from my sm-g920f samsung galaxy s6.
    Could anyone please help me ?

    • Devs-Lab Staff

      That’s really weird! Which Xposed version you flashed? To get your device working again, boot into fastboot & boot using recovery (boot recovery recovery.img in ADB) then flash uninstaller zip.

  • Alonxo

    Ana how about a Samsung Galaxy S5 SM-G900T carrier T-Mobile, will this method work without to boot loop my phone?

    • Devs-Lab Staff

      Yup, it will work!

      • ron

        ive used this method but it will not work having extreme issues it keeps it at the boot load set warranty kernel and stays on that screen

        • Devs-Lab Staff

          Specify device model no.

  • Andrea

    non funziona su galaxy note 4 sm-n910f con android 6.0.1

    • Paolo

      Funziona a meraviglia. Ho aspettato quasi 10 minuti in fase boot ma poi il telefono è partito. Anche io pensavo di aver brikkato il cellulare e ho rimesso su lo stock firmware ben 2 volte. Poi ho letto bene nei commenti ed è andato tutto a meraviglia. Usa questo:

  • richard moench

    im still getting force close after installing the zip i have samsung s5 stock rom. it randomly works sometimes but its a hassle to deal with. ive followed all steps and dont know what to do. any help is appreciated thanks.

    • Devs-Lab Staff

      Try doing fix permissions.

  • richard moench

    hello i have recently updated to 6.0.1 on my s5 i have followed this method completely but phone will brick after installing the zip file. ive been troubleshooting myself sometimes it will work if i install the zip twice. but if i do anything such as uninstall an app or have multiple apps running is force closes the phone and is stuck again. i dont know what else to do without installing a custom rom. any help is appreciated thanks.

  • Jaron

    Not verified message when installing

  • KayCrackTheGamer

    Will this method work for my Samsung Galaxy S 5 (SM-G900P) Android 6.0.1 Processor ARMv7?

    • Devs-Lab Staff


  • Jaime Cucalon

    uninstaller is not working. HEEEELP.

    • Devs-Lab Staff

      May I know the error?

  • Alex

    …okay so this is probably the 10th time ive tried doing this. On sprint Note 4 N910P Stock rom 6.0.1 (just upgraded firmware). From what i read i thought it was 5.1.1 that was giving most people their problems since i had it installed before that version but i for the life of me cannot get it to work on 6.0.1. Any suggestions, this build didnt work, just stuck on boot screen.

  • Ziq Kimi

    Awesome . It’s working .Thank you 😀

  • Bucib

    Finally I can make it runs on my i9300 (galaxy S3) running CM13
    Here is a little step (use at your own risk but mine just working fine)

    0. Make a backup !! (a MUST)
    1. Install the latest Xposed (xposed-v85.1-alt-sdk23-arm-custom-build-by-wanam-20160530.zip)
    2. Install the latest APK (XposedInstaller_3.0_alpha4.apk)
    3. Reboot

    Tested it with some modules and working just fine 🙂
    Thanks alot for wanam, b.eslabon (for pointing me out), XDA team and who ever you guys out there who has created this !! 😀


  • zaahir

    I have a Note 2 running resurrection remix (android 5.1.1 ) so can i install Xposed on it ?

    • Devs-Lab Staff


  • Daniel

    SM-G900 F

  • Daniel

    Android SDK Version 23 and/or armeabi v7a not compatible on my S5 with Stock 6.0.1

  • Bucib

    Im so sorry, it was my mistake @Peter
    Indeed, my I9300 has the same problem (Sdk23 and Armeabiv7a not compatible)
    Now we just can wait and hope you guys can make it happens 😀

  • bucib

    I’m also using i9300 with CM13 and I just did the install and it running flawlessly
    Maybe you did something wrong when installed ? Choose the right zip, there are 2 Zips for L and M
    Hope it helps 😀

  • Sooraj

    Will it work on stock odexed rooted note3 lollipop rom????

    • Devs-Lab Staff


  • Zaheer Hoosain


    I have a custom rom on my galaxy s6, xtrestolite marshmallow. Should I be following this guide or the one not specifically for samsungs? I’m asking because it’s not the stock rom and this guide specifically states for stock Samsung Roms.


    • Devs-Lab Staff

      If its Touchwiz ROM, you need to follow this method.

      • Zaheer Hoosain

        Thank you!!! Xposed Framework up and running smoothly

  • Peter

    Sdk23 and Armeabiv7a not compatible … I9300 with cm13

    • Israel Mdna

      HI can someone please tell me if there’s a framework that works fine with my note 4 edge n915v armv7 5.0 lollipop? Thanks in advance