A new leaked firmware of Android 8.0 Oreo for Hydrogen OS has just hit the internet today. This firmware is developed solely for the OnePlus 3T. As you might be aware, OnePlus uses Hydrogen OS ROMs for Chinese smartphones. While other countries get Oxygen OS. Now, we are starting to hear from OEMs about their Oreo plans. From OnePlus, we are expecting stable builds of Oreo to hit the OnePlus 5/3T/3 devices by the end of this year.

Consequently, a closed beta firmware of Oreo did rollout to OnePlus 3 users with Oxygen OS recently. This shows that OnePlus is in a testing phase. We haven’t seen anything regarding Oreo since then. But today’s tweet from the company shows the OnePlus 5 is very close to getting that update. However, there are no ETAs.

Coming back to the Hydrogen OS build, since it is based on the Chinese ROM, it would be better for Oxygen OS users to not install the new build. Nonetheless, the new build could help devs who want to develop a custom ROM based on Oreo for the Oxygen OS -basedOnePlus 3T. This firmware would serve a very good purpose.

Right now, there aren’t any custom ROMs like that. So, the only option now is to wait it out. Also, the above-mentioned ROM is only advisable for experienced users who know their way back to Oxygen OS. Otherwise, average users are advised to stay put until an Oxygen OS based custom ROM goes live. For experienced users, here is the XDA link that will let get them through the Hydrogen OS installation procedure.

Download Link: Hydrogen OS based on Android Oreo for OnePlus 3T