Aside from the stupidly annoying name that Samsung has given to their digital assistant, what is more maddening is the dedicated Bixby button located just below the volume rocker. So what people are complaining about is that when you try to lower the volume of the device, let’s say you are watching a movie, there is a tendency of accidentally pressing the Bixby button instead of doing the prior task. Besides, people just don’t want to use Bixby anyway.

So how to get rid of this problem? Well, Zach McKay from Los Angeles found a solution with this issue using some cosmetics company ideology, if you can’t remove it, conceal it. McKay launched his own Kickstarter campaign for a revolutionary Samsung Galaxy S8 case that would not only protect you precious device from breaking its shiny exoskeleton but also covering that Bixby dedicated button. Two birds with one stone. Sounds a good deal right? But wait, don’t throw some party yet as Zach has currently been able to manage $75 bucks, which is obviously very far from his $16,000 funding goal.

In case you wonder what will you get after pledging your hard-earned $20 bucks from Zach’s Kickstarter campaign, well you get your long-awaited Galaxy S8/S8 Plus case and a “I Hate Bixby” sticker. But if you are really loathsome of Bixby’s existence, you can pay $40 bucks to get your own “I Hate Bixby” baseball cap along with the case the aforementioned sticker. The case will only be available in single black color, but if the total money surpassed the $16,000 funding goal, Zach may offer more color options like: red, silver, and dark blue.

Check out his hilarious video below for more information:

To back up Zach’s project, Go here: Kickstarter Kill the Bixby button Campaign.